Tom Mulcair reacts to Green Party meltdown | "They seem to be intent on self-immolation" 1

Tom Mulcair reacts to Green Party meltdown | “They seem to be intent on self-immolation”


"I've never seen anything like it."

Former NDP Leader Tom Mulcair reacted to the dysfunction in the Green Party and questions why Elizabeth May has remained silent.

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    1. Retiring from politics and becoming a commentator probably makes it all the more humourous to him.

  1. Important world problems. Maybe focus on important Canadian problems. Leave that to J.T the virtual signaling king of incompetence.

    1. The greens are Canadian and have representation in the House of Commons, are opposition in PEI, third party in both BC and New Brunswick they warrant some scrutiny.

    2. That’s a reason why I wrote to the leader of the Green Party. Not much interest in the need for more public housing, apparently.

  2. The parties that attract extremists will always have to deal with more problems with internal divide than the parties that do not attract such members and right now, that’s the Greens and the Conservatives that suffer from this problem.

    1. @gurka321 Tom Mulcair was elected for one reason. To make sure the NDP win the election pf 2015. The NDP base already had to compromise a agree to him.

      But he lost massively. If you lost an election that bad to a party you already forced to compromise then don’t expect forgiveness.

    2. What does the NDP actually stand for ?
      They don’t even know what they are supposed to purport to the public .
      They’ve been confused about their public persona for many many years .
      They certainly don’t support workers .

  3. I never thought I’d see the day when Mr. Mulcaire is someone I’d consider voting for. Current leaders of all 3 parties should never be PM!

    1. Cmon, no one wanted him after his 2015 loss. Remember that Nostalgia is a just a serious of a drug as Hype.

  4. C’mon Tom, you’re just trying to keep Paul on the Greens because you know she’ll burn down NDP’s biggest threat

  5. How would anyone like it if their former boss/leaders leaves and then when trouble starts, tries to jump back in? The criticism would be the party is not ready, is Elizabeth mom and she needs to solve her children’s problem. Elizabeth May is doing the right thing by walking away and staying away and not commenting.

    1. Correction : Elizabeth May is terrified of criticizing a person of colour and being labeled a racist by the Liberal cancel culture. She is a drunken coward.

  6. You find Elizabeth May’s silence, “troubling?” I find her silence to be a relief. The only time May sounds somewhat intelligent, is when her mouth is shut!

  7. Tom still doesn’t get it. What is happening with the GPC should be an eye opener for all political parties.

  8. Don’t worry Tom, your party is about to lose seats too. Just like it lost its platform to the Libs.

  9. Dimitri Lascaris should have won. Instead you get this mess. The green party is a hobby party and is not serious about ever taking power.

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