Tom Steyer Spending Suggest Explanation For Surprise Polls In NV, SC | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. If the “president” is re-elected and the Senate retained by Republicans they will work to pass legislation to:
    > continue to maintain male oriented politics;
    > continue to refuse to pass bipartisan gun legislation;
    > slash spending including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid;
    > continue to destroy the Affordable Care Act.
    > continue to imprison innocent children and their parents;
    > continue to increase the deficit;
    > allow Russian oligarch “trojan horse” investments in American companies;
    > allow Russian oligarch “trojan horse” political contributions to Republican candidates;
    > enable the “president’s” nascent dictatorship;
    > destroy our Republic.

    Voters must not vote against their interests.

    1. Gaetano Vindigni you make sense. But I’m afraid a large swath of the population would call your insightful commentary, FAKE NEWS. Donald Trump is merely an indictment of America. A symptom of the disease. The country has Always been this way. Trump has only emboldened these people. Finally, a president who hates the same people they do. Of course they will continue to vote against their own interest. Because corrupted politicians have used stereotyping, scapegoating and fear mongering for two centuries. As long as the ignorant masses believe that “those people” over there are taking something from them, they will continue to vote against their own interest. Pimping their ignorance every time. Then getting screwed and PAYING for that screwing. Propaganda is an extremely effective tool among the ignorant and the hateful.

      “You tell the lie. Make it a big lie. Repeat it often. And be sure it reaches the population with the highest concentration of the least intelligent” Josef Goebells, Hitler’s minister of Propaganda

  2. Bernie would throw Bloomberg’s Money right on his face if he would try to Donate to him. He doesnt wanna open the floodgate of smearing by Fox news and show that he can too get corrupt.

    Bernie would do just fine and is doing fine without Corporate pack money. Heck he raised more money than any candidate running without taking Corporate pack money.

    1. It’s not smart to do that at this point. Bloomberg doesn’t ask for anything in return. He just wants a Democrat to win the next election & get rid of Trump. His money is different than corporate money.

    2. @nailbiter He said in an interview by running for office he is making an investment and you know what investors look for after making an investment? Surprise Surprise its Return on investment.

      Who would pay his Return On Investment? You indirectly by paying taxes.

    3. @AmpedUpTech
      If he wants monetary gain he would invest in the Republicans & especially Donald Trump. They are working for the top 1%.

      The gain he’s expecting may not be monetary. Maybe he meant the progress, wealth, & security of this nation. It could very well be the healthy future of this planet & the future generation. Of course, I could be wrong.

  3. Bill and Melissa Gates are very generous with their money contributing millions in donations around the world, but I would still say yes that billionaires don’t make good presidents. They have far too many conflicts of interest.

  4. What a waste of money and time. He should be better off spending his resources on Congresional races instead of a vanity campaign.

  5. How can Americans be bought so easily ? Or, if not the case, why do they not indicate their true intentions when polled?

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think most people realize how much the advertising influences their beliefs and actions. :-()

    2. This election will be interesting considering facebook acknowledged it would continue to show adds filled with lies.

    1. We could also ask how many people could we feed with the money we spend on dump golfing every day. I can’t remember was it 18 or 180 million so far. I may not like so much money being spent on ads but whats the alternative to get rid of the malignancy in the WH.

  6. Looking in from the outside (🇨🇦) it seems to me that the USA spends way to much money on elections.

    Money that could be better spent on infrastructure or education. Anyway, I wish my American cousins an awesome 2020 and would like to thank you for not dragging us in to another gulf war.

    All my best…

    1. Please be kind to us when the Handmaid’s Tale comes true. I know we definitely don’t deserve it based on our treatment of refugees

    2. Sean D my dear Neighbor country. I’m afraid you are way too logical, too intelligent for our politicians. 👍

  7. The problem with this strategy is that he’s just given that strategy to the Republicans. They’re watching and taking notes.

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