Tony jog your memory

ate: Fri, 2 May 2014 00:53:16 -0400 (EDT) From: /Peter, I am trying very hard to contain myself and not burst out laughing because if I do my neighbors may think I am crazy. / // /My question to you is this if the Government is to find work for every graduate at the end of the two years they attend the junior college in Dominica, don’t you think institutions such as the aid Bank will soon be overwhelmed, and some of the new employees will be standing outside with nothing to do while the Bank will be obligated to pay them some form of salary?/ // /You see it is one thing to make political belief that the Government is in a position to employ everybody who needs a job, but the reality is simply this, it is going to blow up in the government’s face, because that’s not even possible, nor come close probable; it is totally impossible. The Dominica politicians do not want to hear anything about industrializing the country. All the idiots are contented to do is argue that Dominica is the nature island of the world. As soon as that fool Ian Douglas opens his mouth his song and dance is Dominica is the nature island of the world./ // /If we are the nature island of the World, that means Dominica is a very primitive place where no changes has taken place since creation. These people have no shame; I suppose the name nature is going to provide work for all the two year graduates, and the returning four year graduates from overseas. In all of my life I have never encountered another set of humans with the sort of mentality most Dominicans especially the Dominican politicians possess./ // /They talk so much about agriculture; how many job have they offered to some of the graduating students on the banana plantations, and the students gladly accepted their offer? Let me tell you many people will not like to read this, they will be very angry, at me, but I do not care, I will say it; things are very bad in Dominica, and it is about to get worst, entropy and chaos will overwhelm our nation unless something is done to change the status quo./ // /Every country in the Caribbean is making progress, moving forward no matter how slight, Dominica is not even marching time! It is all talk, people who are in government; nonfunctional simply talking fart all the time, while they fail to bring some progress to the country. Too much damn politics, and no action, some Dominicans believe in politics so much, the color they cover their backs with matters more to them than their personal welfare./ // /Only time will tell, an educated people sometimes becomes the most dangerous people in society. Castro’s and people such as him education created monsters out of them: only food for thought! Too much political pussyfooting is going on in Dominica for too long, they hold on to the same old nonsense, they holding on to Melville Hall Airport as if it is the best thing in the world, why can’t these visionless people realize that they made fools out of themselves, they should realize that each time they hear the name St. Vincent, and Ralph Gonzales: they will never learn!/ // /Anybody who does not like my views I am sorry for them, but I am not a hypocrite, I will speak my mind no matter how painful is hurts; I refuse to hypocrite, I rather die than not to speak the truth!/ // /Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque/

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