1. Alan Dershowitz “as an academic, I have come the conclusion to that a president cannot be impeached if he helps me with my Jeffery Epstein problem’

    1. Leftists are butt hurt the great Alan Dershowitz is not defending treasonous democrats. Even fake news CNN knows democrats have lost already.

    1. hodaka1000 And that sums up the impeachment. Just dump him at all costs, who cares how disingenuous and dishonest this effort has been by Democrats.

    1. @Daniel Djr Deficit of 1.10 Trillion
      US households now 14 trillion in debt, the highest it’s ever been.
      Number of citizens without insurance rose by 7 million under Trump.
      Farm debt at an all-time high (416 billion)
      Farm bankruptcies up by 24% from last year.
      16 Billion dollar payout for farmers because of trade war that tax payers will provide.
      Nominal wage growth not keeping up with inflation.
      People having to work multiple low paid jobs to try and make ends meet.
      Student debt reached all time high 2019 at 1.41 trillion.
      US cost of living up by 2.9%. Whilst unemployment is at 3.9%, wage increases are only at .7% adjusted.
      “Average” pay raise of Trumps tax cut brought only $16.42, unless you were in the top 10% and can benefit by the disgraceful tax cut they got, and can profit off the stock market, ( The vast majority of the US do not possess a stock portfolio).
      Research from the Federal Reserve found that 4 in 10 Americans couldn’t afford a $400 emergency, and 22% say they expect to forgo payments on some of their bills.

      The monthly index of manufacturing activity plunged in December to the lowest level since 2009 ― lower than analysts had predicted. December was the fifth consecutive month of shrinking activity
      A study released in December by economists for the Federal Reserve found that the Trump trade war tariffs were linked to reductions in manufacturing employment and increases in producer prices.

    1. @Creator If you want to understand why 100 oout of 100 democrats are child rapists, you need to understand their belief system, _feminism._
      LOOK UP:
      *The sexual revolution and children: How the left took things too far*

    2. @Creator You mean you’re ready to talk about the DNC now being to the left of Stalin?

    3. @Why do birds poop on the kaaba?
      If you think ensuring American citizens don’t die because they can’t afford healthcare while your New York elite president gives $2.5 trillion to his rich friends, is “left of Stalin”, that pretty much tells me all I need to know about you, you fascist corporate shill.

  2. “I think it’s best we don’t use words like we used on another station.” Would that station be Fox “news”?

    1. You dont wver hear derogatory words of phrases on fox news because they all have class even old liberal juan Williams has more class then you idiots.
      Do us winners on the right a favor and just jump off a cliff

    2. ​@Daniel Djr LOL you must not watch much Fox news because I hear Sean, Janine and Tucker using derogatory language all the time, and not just directed at those in the middle and to the left.

    3. @Daniel Djr Are you serious? That is just a plain lie. The fact that you call liberals ‘idiots’ in the same sentence that you claim republicans do not use derogatory words is the best part of your comment. Oh, the irony is so lost on you.

    1. @Self Aware Are you talking about the current situation we are dealing with? Is Bill still President or is it the lying, scamming, child molesting, pussygrabbing scumbag, #CrookedDonald ?

    2. He kept his underwear lil Alan was in penis prison AKA under wear can’t link him to the crime seen 😂😂 God knows Alan what u did free fall from Grace is upon you

    3. @Self Aware Of My Insignificance

      No it was Trump and his buddy Epstein raping a 13 year old girl.

      Didn’t you know that?

  3. The founders would agree with impeachment for ABUSE OF POWER!! Really! Listen to that statement. Abuse of powerrrrrr!

  4. This isn’t an impeachment, it’s the 2020 Election. Thanks pedo-crats. I can’t wait to see the meltdowns. lol

    1. If Dershowitz is evil, it’s because he’s a libitard. If the Dems want to prove he’s a liar, they should point out that all libitards are liars, just like Schiff and co.

  5. 7:00 Dershits openly admits his fellow lawyers will raise strawman suits to waste time and wind down the clock, in other words evading justice

    1. @hodaka1000 not its not .there calling it obstruction of congress and the other stupid article and neither are impeachable offenses.so try again lucky dog turd

  6. I was protected by the armor of my underwear so there is no way I could have had sex with that 15 year old at Epstein’s!!!! He also was a scary evil person by intimidation of witnesses in the trials he had been a part of…
    And so on

  7. Wow CNN sure called down after there loss of millions for there support for tyranny! CNN what’s it like to lose your lawsuit?

    1. @Michael Clagett You lost the argument. Trump will be seen as the greatest President of the last 100 years and will do something even Lincoln couldn’t accomplish which is to destroy the Demotardic Party. And I can’t wait for the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library, Casino, Golf Course, Gentlemen’s Club and Hotel in Palm Beach, FL, and for him to replace Jackson on the $20 bill. And it’s all thanks to you Demotards!!!

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