1. @TexTech Would you trust me to give you a fact based… And only fact based summary of it? In the morning… It’s like 2 a.m. here. LOL… But there is important stuff… And I would only give you facts?

    2. @Cropper Copper Sure…Take your time. I have said one of the reasons I haunt this place is to learn. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I have found a healthy debate with you.

    3. @TexTech Sounds great! I’m enjoying the debate as well… Gonna try and get to it…. Tonight if I can…. Weekend are usually crazy for me.

  1. It’s not really a revelation that trump only cared about investigating his political rival. The man only cares about himself that’s been obvious since the 80’s

    1. Don’t tell his base that he only cares about himself only. They would be heartbroken ! We have to remember that he promised to MAGA for them! They can’t be that stupid! Or could they?

    2. Danny Ferrara relax little man it will all be over soon and then you can crawl back to the shadows with the rest of the troglodytes that hate cnn but force themselves to comment. Masochists all of you.

    1. @Sui_Jay Talking about your 5150 family members again. I know you are and tell them I said gibbidy goobedy goo bing bong bang bick eeek eek eeek.

    1. Mark Peters a President can only give what he has. Congress appropriates Aid, not the President. Now… which party was in control of Congress from 2010-2016?

    2. jason thomas according to the Bible, you will suffer the same fate that you wish upon others, unless you are pure and without sin.

    1. @Michael Slavin You really have swallowed the Trump Kool Aid!
      Kangaroo Court?
      It is an Official and fully LEGAL process!
      End Of!
      You can regurgitate GOP BS all you like, that is the only defence they have! Because they know it doesn’t look good!
      Have a nice day my friend, I won’t be engaging with you anymore, you are lost and don’t see logic or fact, I won’t waste my time on you anymore!
      Feel free to have the last word!

    2. Natster Jam typical left looney, unable to debate, as you are aware one it is all one sided that it is stacking the deck. Unlike you I live in Australia and am not a republican or Democrate. What I do is seek out the facts, not rely on media which you have been brainwashed into believing, I feel sorry that you are so inadequate in your life, that you have no idea about politics or procedure. Tell me smartarse when has there ever been such partisan impeachment process, Never! You are a simpleton and are the same as a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed on bullshit. Yes little boy who is too scared to use your real name, run away and sulk like the rest of you whackjob mates.and stop wanking yourself and your mates

    1. @science wins you are partially correct but one thing we have here in the USA is the Constitution to limit the government that would strip us of all rights, for example 1.freedom of speech
      2. The right to defend ourselves
      3. the right to free trade
      4. Taxation without representation- otherwise better known as theft- just go to California and you will see your socialist heaven flourishing
      oh never mind they are more worried about the global economic take over then their own people- fricken homeless epidemic is crazy and who do they take CARE of Illegal not undocumented aliens or migrants

    2. @ThE DuCk I can’t even find our exchange. How did I put words in your mouth? Did you remove the comment I responded to? Tell me what you said and I will respond ..

    1. @mrmanown He doesn’t need to be in Ukraine though since he is not their ambassador. Ukraine is not part of the EU. That was my point.

    2. @David tinch I know. The Trumptards can’t grasp logic or truth since they haven’t heard any over the past 4 years or so.

    1. @Pub Comrad lol,wait a minute,i thought first phone call was smoking gun or is it the 3rd phone call??It started out quid pro now its bribery or is it extortion.It appears nobody can make up their minds.But then again,thats why they call him shifty shifft.

    2. @Mario Andretti Bill Clinton can’t point to new intern and says “I didn’t have sex with this women” and therefore I am not guilty of having sex with Monica Lewinsky.

    3. @Mario Andretti Same thing the dems pulled with the Russia hoax. First it was collusion and when that failed then they claimed obstruction with no evidence that either occured. It just leaves most logical people dumbfounded on how elected officials in our government and media can be taken seriously!

    1. @Dicky Jones John Brennan has done more for the Russians than Trump ever did. Brennan supported and voted for a Communist Presidential candidate in 1976..Look it up.

    1. @Northmanyou weren’t laughing when you called me evil, you desperate little lying snowflake. You were crying for your god. He can’t save you from me.

  2. The Republicans keep asking for the whistleblower who allegedly started the impeachment, they should ask the right questions, bring the guy who started it all. Dotard Trump

    1. degen83 First, the legal definition ( as opposed to the colloquial definition) of hearsay is any out of court statement offered for the truth of the matter asserted in the statement. But it isn’t that I believe or disbelieve the whistleblower. What my comment was saying is the whistleblower’s statement is superseded by Vindamen’s testimony who was actually on the call and not only heard the entire conversation but took contemporaneous notes, therefore making him a better witness than the whistleblower thereby making the whistleblower’s testimony unnecessary.
      As for bias against the President (or any other criminal or civil defendant) is a ridiculous claim. Not because of the disposition of any witness, but because a court of law is necessarily biased against the accused.
      For example, if someone is charged with (name the crime or tort) then the evidence is sufficiently “biased” to meet the burden of proof in the case, the the accused is found guilty/liable. Facts are usually “biased” against the accused or no case would be filed against them.

    2. @Calvin Campbell

      The whistleblower has a long history of biased anti Trump behavior established years prior to this specific complaint. He worked with Ukraine operatives who were working to get Hillary Clinton elected in her campaign against Trump.

      He was fired by the Trump administration for leaking private information to the media.

      He is a registered Democrat.

      His actual complaint is not based on the actual phone call between Trump and Ukraine’s president. He got many details completely wrong about the call, as did Adam Schiff.

      He held off from making the actual complaint until after he was coached by Adam Schiff and his staff. Adam Schiff also outright lied about this just like Adam Schiff lied about the actual phone call.

      The actual complaint is about what someone told him that someone else felt about the phone call. Third hand information.

      Just a few issues that completely destroy the credibility of the whistleblower and exposes systemic bias in Adam Schiff and the way the Democrats have handled this situation thus far.

    3. @camjamsdad Ask your own self why Donald keeps obstructing and claiming his people may not testify. Obstructing justice is illegal and tampering with witnesses is also illegal.

      And Donald can testify himself… except he can’t because he’s guilty and a coward and can’t testify without self incriminating himself because he has a big fat stupid mouth.

      Read the transcript… as the old traitor says. Donald made an offer Zelensky couldn’t refuse. That’s extortion aka bribery with a threat. And the moron provided the evidence himself.

      You think the US is going to let this stand?? I don’t. Donald needs to pay hard for his treason. Then we will turn our eye to Russia. Woe be unto them when that time comes. Any patriot can understand why we would. It’s not hard.

    4. @camjamsdad That may be so but it has nothing to do with the fact (read Donald’s transcript) Donald made an offer Zelensky couldn’t refuse. That is extortion aka Bribery with a threat. Donald used the property of the US for his own personal gain against a political opponent.

      These are facts… facts provided by Donald himself. We don’t know Hunter’s motivation. We do know Biden went to Ukraine… openly… and at the behest and backing of the US govt to call for the firing of a criminal prosecutor. What Donald did was in the shadow and once it became known and reported on. the money was released. The secret dealing was shut down. This shows not only the illegality but their guilty conscience as well. They KNEW they had done wrong.

      Not only is all that illegal… it puts the US in harms way while simultaneously raising up Russia ‘s power. And if you don’t have a problem with that then I can only surmise you’re Russian or a debased loser.

    5. degen83 Itter and unequivocal nonsense. Zero proof supports your accusations. But even if I stipulated the truth of any of it, it doesn’t excuse Trump of his actions

    1. @Bob Hager Yeah…what he receives as president doesn’t come close to what a well known news anchor makes. So what your trying to convince to the simple minded tRumpers is that he hasn’t made one dollar since becoming the President of the United States. You sir, is how tRump, the russianss n wikileaks Assande got #45 into our White House..

    2. @Mid9tRambler cynical and jealous, hell of a way to live. Go find your daddy Barry, you should be happy his net worth went up 5x while in the white house.

    3. @Mid9tRambler Goes to show the left words have no meanings. Please tell me smart guy, how does an idiot build and empire and become president? Let me guess your going to say other idiots lift him up. Ignorance is bliss.

  3. Trump “I don’t know Sondland” Lmao… He talked with Sondland over the phone and people overheard it. What a liar!

    1. @Samuel Freeman No evidence that A. Schiff knows the whistleblower, but it doesn’t matter to the impeachment.
      The call transcript is good enough to impeach Trump for Bribery and Abuse of Power.

    2. Pub Comrad that’s not an impeachable offense. Also now it’s bribery? Did the dems switch to bribery after there wasn’t a quid pro quo? Lol, remember about 6 months ago when Nancy pelosi said she needed bipartisan support and not one single republican voted to move forward with impeachment as well as 2 democrats voted to not move forward. It’s a political smear by the dems.

    3. Pub Comrad so, because you talk to someone over the phone then you know them? Shows just how pathetic you really are. Do you know everyone you have ever spoke to over the phone? Get some integrity prior to making such a stupid statement

    4. Pub Comrad of course I know who is and does, this doesn’t mean he knows him, sure he’s has met him but that doesn’t mean he knows him, I meet hundreds of people every year but that doesn’t mean I know them

  4. Gym Jordan proves himself the least relevant questioner of Trump’s GOP, although Nunes comes in as a close first runner up.

    1. John Swofford why become he made the so called whistleblowers looking for Schiff to assist them? They look so cumbersome in trying to answer any republicans questions. Just goes to show what a sham the whole thing is hahahahaha

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