1. Toomey saying Oz was a good candidate says a lot for the republican party in Pennsylvania….. choosing a man from New Jersey

  2. That Oz, who was never a resident of Pennsylvania, said abortion is between a patient, their doctor and the politicians was the final straw. That was the most absurd statement in US politics in 2022.

    1. @Nil Nil Should we ignore what he said because he didn’t mean to say it? LoL, so what if it’s a gaffe? It’s clear he thinks that’s the way it should be.

    2. Someone like Mastriano is something any decent person would have trouble voting for and to many more like him out there!

    3. The thing is that he doesn’t really believe that. He was doing it for political expediency since he had to appeal to a conservative base. He wasn’t going to be able to siphon off more liberal voters but was hoping to toe the line where he could energize a conservative base while not alienating moderates. But that was absolutely a stupid thing to say.

      I mean – before he went into politics he claimed he was adamantly pro-choice.

  3. Let’s call it what it is. Everyone is figuring out DT is a grifter. If you don’t think so, please donate to his donation funds. There are several, just pick one and send your money immediately! Lol 😂 Please use your credit card , with a high limit, to allow for additional donations!

    1. @Mark arizona has a massive lead for democrats. The only possible win you might pick up is GA, but that’s not likely.

      You realize I was taking those races into account, right? Or have you not been looking at the numbers?

    2. @Mark Can you say you have actually sent money to help MAGA and DT or did you just get a free Hat? Listen, I understand if you can’t afford to support DT with a CC donation, no worries. But please try to support your candidate with cornbread or cookies! It’s the least you can do!

    3. @Mark if you can’t afford to donate to MAGA or any cause, just say so! Everyone understands you entire contribution to MAGA is just a red hat is OK. You believe in DT but can’t afford to donate. No worries. Just wear MAGA hats and T-Shirts to show your support.

    1. @Mark what a silly statement.

      To see Trumps actual influence you would need to look at his win/loss ratio in races that were potential toss ups.

      Endorsing an incumbent Republican in a deep red state and then trying to pretend your endorsement played a part is pathetic.

  4. What happened to caring about what is good for ones constituents ?
    For Republicans , it’s purely about what will get one elected. But it is nice to see Trump being the one used and discarded for a change.

  5. Wait a minute here, did Toomey say oz was a good candidate and ran a good campaign? Wow..lol. Dude, he lost!

    1. @Alan
      I agree. I wanted Oz to lose, but I certainly recognize in a good day, his campaign would have come on top. His loss within the context of the gubernatorial race indeed points the blame away from him.

    2. I do not live in PA, but I was still outrage to hear this man making those statements! I can not way for him to be gone! And again I do not live in PA.

    3. @Maribel Caudillo
      Are you usually easily outraged? If so, never mind! Otherwise, you may need to listen again, as he makes good sense.

    1. As an outsider its fun watching you guys fight and I know that if any other nation wants to have some leeway with America we need to fuel this divide

  6. As a resident of PA, who was horrified by the candidates Oz and Mastriano, I am thrilled that we rejected them. And to get rid of Toomey is icing on the cake. Thay guy refused to meet with his constituents. Good riddance.

    1. @Sara Leigh do you mean in PA or in general because I find it appalling that people would even consider Hershel Walker who cannot even complete a full sentence and is one of the reasons that football has concussion protocols

    2. @David Signor I’m talking about PA. I thought when Toomey said Oz was a good candidate for the state and then blamed the loss entirely on the top of the ticket (Mastriano) and Trump, that was a hard argument to swallow.

      GA: it won’t surprise you, I imagine, to learn that we agree on Walker (there’s also the accusations of abuse and abandonment). I am having trouble understanding the attraction—especially against Warnock—unless it is the desire for any Republican no matter what.

      Do you see a particular role for Trump in PA and in GA?

    3. @David Signor Every one should support financial donations to DT right now! It’s a calculated split of the R party, No different than redistricting. It is amazing that MAGA supporters are so loud but won’t tell their actual financial support level??? Be proud MAGA!

    1. Don’t be stunned. The state runs so absurdly red outside of the big metro areas that they’ll vote for Nuclear War before they’ll vote for Democrats.

  7. Oz did not run a “good campaign.” Oz had several gaffes like going to “Wegners” for crudités, making fun of a stroke victim, and just generally not being a Pennsylvanian. His campaign staff were worthless.

  8. I was never worried about Mastriano winning,he was insanely unpopular and Shapiro did and excellent job of not getting complacent by campaigning every day and making sure people knew who he was.

    I was very worried OZ was going to win,all the polls were shifting towards him,the debate performance and stroke made me think Oz would win by dumb luck of having a defective opponent. But sanity won luckily

  9. Why wasn’t there any pushback on Toomey’s claim that the defeats were the sole responsibility of trump. Instead of fawning all over Toomey, Erin could have asked some tough questions.

  10. All these candidates that let Trump endorse them have no one to blame but themselves. When the country voted him out after only one term, common sense should’ve told them that he was toxic.☠️ Keep away! ☠️ Smh

    1. We the people keep speaking. The Republicans refuse to listen. They continue to play the blame game. Business as usual, the people don’t count. They will continue to push to sunset Medicare, Social Security, and veteran’s benefits. They will also draw up plans to impeach President Biden, will go after Merrick Garland, and continue to hound Hunter Biden who suffers from mental illness just like Don Junior. They will not allow any policy to go through and will continue to give tax breaks to the wealthy. I follow non mainstream media.

  11. I’m so proud of my fellow Pennsylvanians ! They basically saved America’s Democracy! The best of the best to them!

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