Top Dems rule out 2024 challenge for Biden

Former Democratic state lawmaker Nina Turner and Democratic strategist Joe Trippi discuss the potential for President Joe Biden to face a challenger from within his party in the 2024 presidential election, and what is at stake if he does. #CNN #News


    1. Just give me a president that doesn’t wander into the bushes, get lost on stage, try to shake hands with an imaginary person or have to be redirected by the Easter Bunny.
      Preferably Trump or DeSantis.

    2. @MuchoEd How can you say that? Liar. You have no proof or any explanation for making that statement.
      Were you paid to respond like that?

  1. I agree with a lot of Democratic Policies but the Leadership has to be the Dumbest group of Politicians I’ve ever seen in my life!! Are they not reading the room? We need someone else to excite the Base, Biden isn’t it‼️

    1. @Kim Klim happening everywhere in the world not just US so not Biden’s fault. Might look into price gouging too. Corps making massive profit at this time hmm

    2. @Kim Klim no it’s call pandemic, supply chain, natural disasters, war in Ukraine, price gouging, and GOP voting down anything that might help ppl. Oh and tax cuts for the privileged sure didn’t help.

  2. When someone tells you to support a loser, even though YOU are the one who is suffering the most, that is a clear indication where their loyalties lie.

  3. Despite being a registered Dem, it really would shock me if not only Biden decides to run again, but nobody challenges him in the primary. If somebody, peferably younger, runs against him in the primary, I will be voting for that person over Biden.

  4. What’s crazy is thinking Biden should run a second term…’re nuts if you think he is up to it or the best choice ..

  5. You don’t need protections from primaries if you are delivering for the voting people. Corporate Dems, we are watching you. Sincerely, Independents.

    1. @Anthony Rodriguez also, on fascism, socialism, Marxism, etc….
      You can research these things and only find wholesome sounding principles; equity for all, for the greater good, etc. Dictators have often switched between these socialistic systems, but the goal is always communism.
      Once the power rests in the few over the masses, limiting principles no longer exist.

  6. Biden should do the right thing and step aside in favor of someone who doesn’t think politics is still working the way it was in the 1980s.

    1. @George Miller yeah, but when I see him say that president Biden is doing a very good job and he would support him if he runs in 2024 just shows how out of touch from reality he is. Denying simple facts that millions Americans see and suffer from doesn’t make him any good. I don’t think he has a chance if they put him on in 2024. I might be wrong but these are just facts.

  7. All I’m saying is that, eventually, we’re gonna need to have a President who was born after the invention of the electric lightbulb. And if (god forbid) it’s Biden vs. Trump again, someone born after the invention of the printing press.

    1. @Pamela Wing oil is one of if not the most heavily regulated industries in the economy, you don’t know anything.

  8. Let’s see a president with less than 30% approval get 81 million votes again.

    J6 would look like a picnic.

    1. @Studio LB not sure who ‘we,’ are but I can tell you that having an approval rating of only 33% suggests that your average everyday person doesn’t like Biden.

    1. The comment section is heavily censored and controlled on top of that…. It’s much more worse for them than it looks…

  9. Translation: It doesn’t look well that we’ve been talking about replacing him already. So we’ll say there will be no challenges, and then he’ll have a “heart attack.”

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