Top State Court Rebukes GOP For Ignoring Election Result On Medicaid Expansion 1

Top State Court Rebukes GOP For Ignoring Election Result On Medicaid Expansion

Rachel Maddow reports on a Missouri State Supreme Court ruling that Republicans cannot simply overrule the outcome of an election in which the state's voters decided to amend the state constitution to expand Medicaid.
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  1. So why are Republicans still in power, Governor and Legislators, in Missouri then? Vote Republicans out!

    1. @herrconstable I agree! It’s sad because driving through rural Missouri you see abject poverty. The economic disparities in this area is abhorrent! You would think that some of the voters in those areas would figure out that voting republican is voting against their own interests.

    1. @Stan Lee And then they collect their State pay checks, and use their State paid healthcare, etc etc etc.

    2. @André Fasset And don’t forget the farm subsidies, without which a lot of farms couldn’t survive under their beloved free markets.

    3. Jackie stop pretending to know what socialism is. You clearly have not even a vague whiff of a clue what it is. You are only saying it because you heard some other ReTrumplican cultist saying it.

    4. @motorhead55 maxhead if you read Karl Marx you would. Fair shares for all, not just the rich, and no one left behind.

  2. Republicans will just follow their leader even if it takes them to death by the own leaders hand.

    1. @Ryan Mathis There is so much wrong with your statement.Classic Gaslighting and investing in people will expand the tax base and bring in more revenue, while Trumps giveaway to the wealthy takes money out of the economy. That is the Republicans trying to erase history and divide us. Democrats pushing to get blacks out of prison that were not given equal treatment under the law. Prochoice only for the wealthy as it does not matter to them because they travel the world.

      20% of COVID infections in June occurred among vaccinated, LA County health says
      City News Service
      Thursday, July 22, 2021 8:03PM
      During the month of June, 20% of all newly reported COVID infections in the county occurred among people who had been fully vaccinated.

      LOS ANGELES (CNS) — A relentless surge of COVID-19 cases continued Thursday in Los Angeles County as another 2,700 cases were reported, with the percentage of infections occurring among fully vaccinated residents steadily rising.

      In fact, during the month of June, 20% of all newly reported COVID infections in the county occurred among people who had been fully vaccinated. That was up from 11% in May and 5% in April. But Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said the increase is normal given the continued rise in the number of people who are getting fully vaccinated.

      She also stressed that fully vaccinated people who become infected generally have extremely mild cases — a benefit the vaccines have always promised.

      “Very few of them ended up hospitalized, and even smaller numbers ended up passing away,” Ferrer said.

    3. @Jeremy Backup I never thought of their purpose quite that way, but it does appear as you said; I believe the ones that had any “smart” in them left the party, and those left are the ones who support all that 45 wants them to believe and the conspiracy garbage.
      They just run around in circles bumping into each other trying to out-do each other for attention, which they receive on their fav faux-news, and those looking to get elected/re-elected for the 2021/2022 Governor elections are doing it also for the campaign money they can get from their supporters.
      Pompeo was recently on faux news instilling fear in their supporters saying China was a real danger, (like it hasn’t been for many years) but he was making it sound that he & 45 saved the world, and according to him, Biden is ignoring China’s moves, and anyone who believes that Biden is ignoring China or any other autocratic/dictator country, is not in touch with reality.
      Pompeo, is pulling together a political action committee so he can campaign, fundraise and donate to GOP office-seekers-and more than likely has his eyes on the 2024 Presidential election for himself as a candidate.

  3. The GOP keeps poking their voters in the eye …keeps legislating and voting AGAINST the interests of their constituents …….and those same voters keep putting those pols back in power ……go figure …

    1. @bearlytraincot nobody on the left wants the US to be like China, that’s stupid right-wing fearmongering. There are many capitalist, democrtatic countries in the world which offer universal healthcare and education to their citizens, without turning into china or Venezuela. Trumpists on the other hand already wanted to overthrow the election results, and they have no problem with installing trump as a dictator. I wouldn’t call that “free”.

    2. @bearlytraincot here’s the thing, America doesn’t have any Commies in Government at all. Not one, you’ve been lied to

    3. Williamoccamensis, that one was hard to tell, usually there’s some kind of mark following. In my defense, there are plenty of comments identical to that one that aren’t sarcasm.

    4. The lack of foresight by the GOP is actually quite surprising. Everything you said, and add to the fact that they are banking their ENITRE party on a losing horse like Trump; who when he meets his imminent demise, the Republican party will be fractured beyond recognition. This is not even including all the flack they are going to get after the AZ audit comes back with nothing; which will discredit the GOP even MORE and even make them lose voters in AZ who really thought the audit would overturn the election . Then once the Jan 6th commission is underway and those Cops start telling their stories that will make for some teary eyes around the nation ; that will make the GOP look even MORE incredulous and evil. This is all going to matter in the midterms, mark my words.

  4. “Gee. We want health insurance but we won’t vote for anybody who will give us what we voted for.”

    1. @YouTube Censorship Sux the seniors have worse Healthcare because they still believe the lying politicians who tell them that it’s more important for the government to bail out failing industries than to insure that every American has decent affordable healcare.

    2. @Jeremy Backup the problem is, poor and middle class citizens who vote for conservatives are voting against their own interests. However, the conservatives are not appealing to these people with policies and structural plans for their future. they simply appeal to their lowest instincts like xenofobia, racism, misogyny, and unfortunately, it works with many people. Conservatives spread fear against immigrants and so-called socialism, they have no problem spreading lies and misinformation, and unfortunately, it works. The hate and fear makes their voters blind.

    3. @Poemi10304 so sorry for you. I live in Europe so luckily there is no trump, and my parents both hate trump. Even my mother who is quite conservative once said she’s surprised what a self-centred, narcissistic and shallow loser trump is and does not understand that people vote for him.
      However, my parents never spoke much about politics with us, I do not even know for sure which party they are voting for, they always wanted us kids to make our own opinion without influence from them.
      But my brother is far on the right, he’s a trump-fan and he votes for the most far-right party we have. I just don’t get it. He is an intelligent person, went to University, we grew up together, but he does not seem to be able to see through the right-wing’s hate and fearmongering rhetoric. He really thinks without immigrants we would be better off.. he really thinks, people should get less welfare and les help from the state if they have mental issues or are sick.. he does not understand that the ones who really screw us normal, working and middle class people over are big business, bank, wallstreet and neoliberal economics. It’s really frustrating, and the longer i speak to him, the more hateful and primitive his arguments become and under all those fake-statistics about immigration and crime, there is just plain hate and racism. I really avoid talking about politics to him.

    1. @YouTube Censorship Sux I’m talking about you spewing lies because you never watch real news. My, you ARE slow, aren’t you?

    2. @Steve Taxpayer – Trump was the President for the last 4 years. He promised to fix ALL the things you are whining about and did NOTHING. Now skedaddle back to the Trailer Park.

    3. I think all we can hope is the middle leaving people just get so fed up with the republicans that we get a massive nationwide blue wave and take a supermajority in the senate and pick up seats in the house in 2022.

  5. Lets be clear: state GOPs are doing everything in their power to legally rig elections, to give themselves the power to decide which votes and election results they are prepared to accept.

    1. @YouTube Censorship Sux He is right. Voter ID in other forms already exist. I have to show my driver’s license here in PA to vote. Repubs want a new system to require new forms of id. If you are not in the voter registration book when you get there, you cannot vote, period. If your signature does not match the one in the book, you cannot vote. No new laws are required that don’t already exist.

    2. @N 827 But yet there is no evidence of this anywhere. Put down the Kool Aide little one. “Lets be clear”, if anybody tried, it was Fraud 45. Remember, he told his supporters to “vote twice, to make sure you vote counts”. This was from several of his rallies right before election day.

    3. @YouTube Censorship Sux Difference of opinion seems fine on the surface, but if the issue is “should we make it easier for the poor and/or historically marginalized to vote” the answer should be yes.

      DMV offices should not be treated as “for profit” businesses, so that’s a lousy reason to close them

      White people don’t have the same problems that would cause an inconvenience to be seen as a roadblock. The people that can easily vote despite those barriers usually have a greater opportunity to have flexibility in the hours (taking the day off, calling out), and easier means of transportation (their own personal vehicles. Your opinions seen to be coming from a place of having a much easier life than poor people, perhaps you should sit this discussion out.

  6. Remember in kindergarten and grade school? When we lost in little games? Losing was unfair so we said: “Wait that doesn’t count because…” Congratulaitions, we*’ve come full circle again.

    1. Are you saying the Republicans are behaving in a childish manner? Yeah, I’d agree with you. Just look at the toddler-man who is their leader.

    2. @Ms. Ann ; exactly.
      Their all so angry that there’s…
      No more of : ’s going on .
      Instead of REAL POLITICS .

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge Yeah? Hows that COVID your orange god called a “hoax” working out for ya? Not dead yet? Well, give it time, we won’t miss you.

    2. @Ebaneezer Scourge Dems didn’t cause the power grid in Texas to fail. That was Republicans insisting on a lack of regulation.

    3. Ebaneezer Scourge, Texas’s power grid failed in the cold, will be more taxed in the heat, and the governor wants to spend billions on the “wall” between Mexico and Texas, that hasn’t worked? Between Californians moving there, and non vaccinated Republicans dying from Covid, Texas will be blue before you know it.

    4. BTW, California is the fifth largest economy in the world, so they’re still doing better than Texas.

    5. @Ebaneezer Scourge So it is the dems who let the Texas electric grid go to waste and it is the dems fault that Texas let their infrastructure crumble etc etc. Last time i checked Texas is still solid republican and their governor pleases the oil and electric industry. Giving them hand outs so he gets millions in donations. Ted Cruz goes to Mexico instead of helping his voters that frees in their houses without water and food. The republicans want small government and no or low tax for the rich. Let the industry pollute the country freely so they keep on giving. Give rich oil companies subsidy while the poor dying because they can’t afford a doctor or medication. But yeah, it is all the dems fault. Whatever floats your boat bro

  7. This is only a small , but progressive step towards the long over due Universal healthcare. Like EVERY other industrialized democracy .

  8. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @raymondwise only a fool saw what happened that day and excuses Trump for attempting to overthrow our government. The goose stepping Republicans were never going to convict Der Fuhrer, you god, Trump.

    1. And gerrymandering. We voted for a constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering in 2018, and they delayed it, then in 2020 they asked how to go about it and worded it such that they could back out of it

    2. @herrconstable Anything to give them an advantage by cheating, and they’ll do everything they can to stall it, because they know they can’t win a fair election, so cheating, trickery, and anything unconstitutional that’ll give them the advantage is what they stand for. Look at Trump as a president for the last four years, what did he do for the country in general to help it thrive, besides stealing, corruption, racial division, golf 97% of the time, insulting people, causing riots and insurrections, lying over 30,000 times on television, espionage, and catering to the rich and elite? Nothing!

  9. No one wants to see anyone dying from Covid. But if you insist on going unvaxed, you may die. Just don’t take anyone else with you who doesn’t want to die.

    1. @Paul Schulte When did trump say that?

      Poor kids are just as talented as white kids though, right? Lol

    2. Man the DIAPERDON trolls must have been hired by the failed orange stain…… nothing but delusional unintelligent word salad, gaslighting and lies
      Just like donnie fail fail….sad…..biggly

    3. @Conservative, Interrupted
      And the BBC and other international news outlets (other than North Korea or Russia) are in on it. In fact, everyone on the planet is in on it. The only ones not in on it are the tiny, itsy-bitsy, infinitesimally fractional sliver of humanity who voted for Trump.

      Does that about sum it up for you?

    1. Remember, your Republican representatives Josh Hawley has evidently has relatives in your state, but he doesn’t live there. He also was a prominent supporter, raised fist and all, of the insurrection. Do you really want such a traitorous man to represent you in Congress?

    2. @raymondwise Charged with what? Being ambushed by rioters who communicated and planned the insurrection while Trump refused to send in the National Guard? He delightedly watched the violence in the White House, refused to call out the National Guard (only Trump and Pence had that power. Pence was running for his life from insurgents chanting “Hang Mike Pence” and Trump was too busy watching TV coverage of the insurrection!). Mike Pence had to call the National Guard after he escaped the insurrectionsists. Trump and his insurgents need charging,but not the Capitol Police, who took a huge beating at the hands of traitors trying to overthrow the government. You do have eyes and a brain, however well hidden?

    3. @Nancy Ross I recall DJT got acquitted by congress for the whole insurrection thing.

      Yes, the capitol police failed to discharge their service weapons, they were seen escorting people around and even leaving their posts. This behavior by a law enforcement agency is really suspicious and if this is how your capitol police handles a situation like this, we’re doomed.

  10. Just brilliant. A more clear-cut example of corrupt behavior would be tough to find. O wait… Trump. Yeah, well, aside from that, though…

    1. McConnell? McCarthy? Cruz? Jordan? Brooks? Gaetz? Johnson? Scalise? Nunes? Gosar? Greene? Paul? Crenshaw? Cawthorn? Hawley? Need I continue? Those are just a few examples of folks wallowing in clear-cut corrupt behavior. The GQP is chock-full of more examples.

  11. You would think that would sink in with the people. On the next election don’t vote Republican. This is a common theme in every Republican State. Are you Republican people catching on yet?.

    1. Repubs like the under educated, Fraud 45 even told us so in several of his speeches. Why are all the states that are RED seem to be rural and Blue seem to have dense populations in big cities? Even here in PA, you can see the red counties are rural and blue are densely populated. It is a pattern.

    1. its hard to do that in some states that have been gerrymandered and indoctrinated to the point where they believe they are powerless unless they believe in the ideology they are being forced to ingest , start at the source . The GQP is only a small part of the problem

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