Top Trump attorney testifies before grand jury probing the former president

Donald Trump’s primary defense attorney testifies to a federal grand jury answering questions in the documents probe that the former president unsuccessfully fought to hold back. Evan Corcoran, the attorney, has been told by the federal court he cannot withhold information any longer about communications he had with Trump, his client, leading up to the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago last summer. #CNN #News


    1. @Martin Richards  saying it’s not true is lies. Look it up yourself before you try to tell someone else there lieing

  1. The real concern is not only that he willfully stole them, it’s also who he might have already sold them to. They found 45 empty folders marked Top Secret!

  2. When your lawyer’s lawyer needs a lawyer, you need a tailor to fit you for an orange jumpsuit.

    1. It’s like raining Better Call Saul moments. Except slippin Jimmy gets attorney client privilege to do illegal things while these attorneys can’t.

    2. @EpicFilm Production
      Good point, but how many lawyers need to hire a lawyer because they’re facing charges as result of representing their own client? That’s the point here.

    3. Bahahahaha, it’s so cute you guys think he is going to jail.. I find liberals endearing.. bless their little hearts, they try so hard but in the end they just end up embarrassing themselves.. and then they wake up and do it all over the next day🤣🤣.. looks brutal😉.. FJB

    1. @Trey Helms and committing crimes is illegal but I don’t hear you complaining about that 🤷🏽‍♀️


  3. A lawyer that is smart enough to not sign the document he made, is smart enough to have some insurance so he’s not the Scapegoat.

    1. @Gospel of Jesus Christ If you don’t sin, Jesus died for nothing 🍸🥃🍷🍺🍻🍾🥂🍹

    2. I hear you. But a smart lawyer would never have taken the word of a Pathological Liar and declared on his behalf without verifying. I am curious to see if he actually conspired with Trump and others. I think the smart attorney is the one who attested that the declaration she signed was based on what she was told, not based on what she knew to be the fact. Lastly, it appears that this attorney was planning to make her the scapegoat, but she recognized it and added that caveat.

  4. Assolini’s a disturbed man-child. It was never out of the realm of possibility that he would stoop to making disturbing claims and threats against anyone he feels is out to get him. And get him, they will!

  5. Unbelievable that one person can cause so much chaos and litigation.The DOJ better convict and imprison after all this .

    1. Hate kills t he HATERS ..When are the unsubstantiated political persecutions going to stop …. Leave people alone , Let them alone and if they want to run for president .. its not your business…Come up with a better candidate and beat him or SHUT UP ..Its your hate thats causing all the unrest … LET THE PROCESS HAPPEN…..Whats wrong with you people

    2. @njerzee911 I know, right? It’s about time you had your nap as you never make any sense till you have 😆

  6. 😂😂😂😂 Seriously! There can’t be anyone out there still falling for all this 😂😂 .
    Don’t hold your breath or nothing but I think they really got him this time 😂😂😂

    1. So the answer is yes. There are still some out there falling for all this 🤣.
      I admire your prestance. It’s really gotta take a lot.
      Russian spy , nothing .
      Tax investigation, nothing .
      Business dealings, nothing.
      Documents, nothing.
      But hang in there something is bound to make it past the news leak stage.

    2. @john shepard
      Actually I’d say persistence doesn’t suit us so much.
      He lost two major money court cases back-to-back and he’s in more investigations than Santos at this point, there will only be more that will only result in more money. How about that charity thing? I don’t recall mentioning Russia, stormy, campaign whatever or any of your other nonsense? Even if most of it is true… I said he’s going to be broke and driven out of politics and so is his family. They are well on their way And there’s absolutely nothing anybody’s going to do about it and he will never ever be president ever… Ever… Ever again. No matter how many capitals get stormed or by any amount of driving up a thread chat. Good luck to you John.

  7. The most esteemed Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith, thank you so much for making America great again.

    1. @Timothy Kozlowski Your false wall of courage is actually a thin veil. We all can see right through it.

  8. How many crimes has Don been accused of so far? This is getting ridiculous, can’t they convict and jail him on at least one of them.

    1. @KryptonArcher No, that’s not what it’s like. Those of us who don’t work in the department of justice make a point of listening to those who do, because we don’t pretend to know. Paranoid conspiracies are invented by people who are cut off from society, listening to them puts you exactly where they want you to be… as alone and powerless as they are. Don’t cut yourself off from society just to save time on your daily news.

    2. @KryptonArcher At this point it’s almost as though the Russian trolls are failing to convince any of us that he is innocent so will need to beg Putin to not light them up like Litvinenko!

  9. “ I just need….10,780 attorneys to help me beat this. Can you just find me 10,780 attorneys? That’s just one more attorney than I will need, but I need you to find them for me”

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