Top US general says ejecting Russia from Ukraine will be difficult this year


    1. He’s an outstanding politician. Careful, cautious, and restrained in his anger for Russian atrocities. White rage is a top problem for Milley’s military.

    1. @Yabbo ! you fool
      the bolsheviks only kill their own first and then attack. like big dog losing power in the pack.

  1. 4:27 as a german, i have a different opinion. yes, we have a responsibility to bear. but that doesn’t mean staying out of everything. that means taking responsibility and not allowing injustice. and as far as that is concerned, germany is failing miserably. russia is invading ukraine like hitler did poland back then. and we germans are watching and not sending everything that’s necessary, a shame.

    1. Go feel the same shame that the West German population felt for the entire cold war. Weakness and responsibility, what happened to the Viking blood that flowed through their vains?
      Those of us in the US see this as a European war.
      North America has the ability to feed and provide fuel for itself.

      The choice seams rather clear for German survival they need to ally with the Russian Federation and help remove the corrupt Ukrainian government.

    2. @Dojocho The US didn’t blow up Nordstream 1 & 2 that was a typical Russian operation. Gives them an excuse to cut off natural gas to Europe without violating their contracts. Because even Russia knows no one trusts those who violate their contracts. Specifically China and India. China is already distancing themselves from Russia India was willing to take advantage of the Russia’s situation, but they have no love for them either. Russia is left with Syria, Iran, and North Korea. A regular rogues gallery of authoritarian misfits.

    3. Correct, but you people elected a spineless wimp called Sholz, and before that a disaster called Merkel who let in one million illegal migrants to Europe and blocked Ukraine’s bid to join NATO in 2008 in return for ruZZian oil and gas. So she has the blood of tens of thousands of dead Ukrainians on her hands. And let’s go back to 1939 …. well you don’t need me to say more. It’s high time for Germany to start making the right choices, elect good leaders and to be on the right side of history. And if you’re not sure, listen to your allies for advice.

  2. It is simple. Abrams require different fuel. Unless the Ukrainians have a large number of fuel trucks for a different fuel type it is impractical. This is not a good faith debating point. The world should make it clear that German military goods will not be purchased if the Germans withhold permission.

  3. Doing good deeds often helps heal memories of the bad deeds….in this case historical bad deeds. Please give The Ukrainians the tanks they say they need Germany.

  4. Reading between the lines: The M1 Abrams is impractical to deploy and operate unless you are a superpower – perhaps the ‘Murican Military-industrial complex has oversold the M1, and something was not quite kosher with US military appropriations?
    The Leopard seems far more practical for Ukraine – really high-tech with far better range and not quite as obese as the M1.
    Perhaps ‘Murica should deliver a batch of M1’s to Ukraine to break the German stalemate, they could be planted for defense along the Belarus border (closer to support in West-Europe). With the Scholtz stalemate broken, the freed-up Leopards could join the real fighting in east-Ukraine.

  5. Yes, give up, let it have half of the world and continue with being scared, so anyone crazy or hard in the future will not look at you seriously. Well done.

  6. 2:44 In Poland’s case…you don’t truly own something if you need permission to do with it as you wish. Same thing with “owning” property or anything else for that matter.

    1. Yeah… well, unless they said “hey… send those tanks without our permission and you will never see a single leopard in your side ever again”

    2. Holy Cow! You don’t know what it’s like to own residential rental property in San Francisco bay area! The meaning of ‘ownership’ has been completely degraded!

    3. When people accepted states instead of the original ur-anarchism they also accepted that narcissists and psychopaths would be the real owners of “their” land.

  7. “True peace is not merely the absence of tension it is the presence of justice.”

    ~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968), American minister and prominent leader of the civil rights movement, Nobel Laureate for Peace 🕊

  8. Regardless how the war turns out, large scale land invasions are probably a thing of the past. High costs + low payoff especially if other side is determine and great power support

    1. @Dustin A lot of analysts think Putin was just dipping his toe in at first, hoping for a negotiation. And now that they gave him the finger he’s going all in – mobilizing hundreds of thousands of troops. He clearly could have gone in a lot harder and didn’t. He didn’t target infrastructure right away. Unfortunately that course of action has given NATO the talking point that the war is winnable and the Russians are weak and incompetent. The war is not winnable for Ukraine. It never was – barring direct involvement by NATO. NATO knows that. But to the US especially, Ukraine is an expendable resource, useful to sacrifice to do damage to Russia.

    2. That is call multipolar would ….after all this activity in Ukraine . Russia will not allow USA and NATO to invade any country again very easy as they did in the past when Russia is afraid hut them all because of sanction ….😀

    3. The Russians fucked themselves the minute they tried to…

      1. Execute their mission with no/minimal consideration to gaining superiority over the Ukrainian airspace

      2. Failed to position logistical support to primary ground combat elements

      3. Sent in troops that lacked:
      a. substantial and significant pre deployment readiness training
      b. were assigned to units with weak, nonexistent, or incompetent noncommissioned officer/officer leadership
      c. we’re without the proper equipment to sustain them in adverse weather over long periods

      4. Invested more into senior/executive military commanders and defense leadership who were more loyal and subservient to the egos of their country’s dictatorship than they were in the prioritizing the wellbeing, esprit de corps, and combat effectiveness of their lower level elements in their combat forces

      Putin’s regime oversold the world on the capabilities of the Russian military, and will only continue to look and become weaker as the war (they sought out) drags on.

      Remember when Ted Cruz was sharing those propaganda videos of the Russian military doing an obstacle course, then tried to say they were more “manly” than our US military? Haven’t heard much from Teddy on the subject since. He gave it the old Harvard rich kid try, though.

    4. Germany has to help Ukraine, because Germany needs to prove it doesn’t agree with the near identical behaviour of the Russian military to the way Nazi Germany behaved in WW2. For Germany to help Ukraine is to show Germany has truly changed!
      When good people do nothing they may as will be complicit. Do your part Germany!

  9. “I no longer listen to what people say I just watch what they do behaviors never lies.”
    ~ Sir Winston Churchill ✨️

    1. You can always rely on Americans to do the right thing, after they’ve tried everything else.
      ~ Sir Winston Churchill ✨

    2. These men and women are brave and determined! Russia needs to pay for this. I do not mean it’s people I mean it’s government. Get spy’s in there, find allies who want Putin gone, create groups, cause dissent, arm them, and give Putin what he deserves and those who enabled him. bArm these Russian people who know change can only come through blood. Putin will never stop destroying his people and country. Russian are better than what Putin is and he needs to be removed before it is too late.

      Putin could not fight a war inside and out at the same time. It would crumble and the Russian people could decide what they do.

  10. Yes, my God, it’s unbearable and ridiculous, everywhere Russia Russia Russia alo there are many more countries and people besides Russians and Ukrainians who would also need help, looking at the NATO map you understand that the world is spinning not in the circle of the sun but in the circle of Russia

  11. the guy doesnt tell you that the big offensive from Russia already started. and it is every thing but not a static war at all. russian army will not wait for the convoy ammunition given by the west arrives to ukrainian front line. They are starting now and they have one month for having decisive gains? Will ukrainian troops absorb the hits?

  12. The M1 Abrams is an excellent tank, the problem for the Ukrainians is that the Abrams is very costly to operate and maintain. The German leopard and the British Challenger tanks are diesel power and less costly to operate and have a greater range and use less fuel

  13. If German tanks return to Ukraine, Russian tanks will return to Berlin. Russians done that before and the odds were against them more than now.

  14. U.S. is using the excuse that the fuel is different between Leopard (diesel) and Abrams (Jet A1), but jet fuel is diesel. You can’t use diesel in a flying jet plane but you can use it in a jet engine powering a tank. Jet fuel is diesel fuel with more stringent specifications so that jets don’t fall out of the sky.
    Great observation that the tank built to fight Russia apparently can’t be supported in Europe.

  15. General Mark Milley has spoken! He is honest and professional senior army General! Talks nothing but truth that something should be considered to end this conflict! Weapons, weapons, money money! that has been tested since last year but hasn’t solved the conflict!! Leaders should talk and not isolate!!

  16. This is a sad statement especially coming from a top general who is supposed to be committed to fighting for our freedom. It’s ridiculous to tell people who are fighting invaders for their homes and freedom to give up and negotiate because he doesn’t think they can win. Those dying for their country deserve better.

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