Tories question why Katie Telford didn’t tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about Vance allegations

Tories question why Katie Telford didn't tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about Vance allegations 1


  1. This was one of the most revealing testimonies by the liberals. It shows clearly how much they don’t actually care about the victims, all they care about themselves and keeping they’re reputation intact.

  2. Willful ignorance isn’t the same thing as not knowing. If there are allegations against a top member of the military, nobody asks what they are? Not a single person looks into it?

  3. Everyone in the world has to cover up the truth at some point in time history tells you this

  4. She is not only protecting her leader she is trying to protect her job Both should be gone

  5. Another scandal.. so tired of keeping track of these. When will canadians wake tf up?

    1. Canadians never went to sleep. The ones in Toronto, Ottawa and the Maritimes are all part of the conspiracy. 70 percent of Canada is awake.

  6. The PM thinks he has an acting gig. He is not interested in running the country, that is why apparently no one tells him anything, he doesn’t want to know anything.

  7. Please let me know if I misunderstood/am wrong but from what I heard, she’s saying there was no allegation to speak of at the time of general vances advance review but yet she’s also saying they didn’t know the nature of the allegation. So which is it?

  8. The question Telford avoided is knowing of a complaint, not the nature. Very slippery Telford is.

  9. O’Toole could be asked the same question when he was a Minister in Harper’s government when Vance was appointed. This is more effort at political hatchet jobs and not solutions. Ignore the typical Tory self-serving attacks and get to some solutions.

  10. Asks questions then shouts over the answers. Canada simply cannot afford the Conservatives.

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