1. Not even close. When there were 500 hospitalizations they said they were overwhelmed. When there was 1000 hospitalizations they said they were overwhelmed. When there was 1500 hospitalizations they said they were overwhelmed. When there was 2000 hospitalizations they said they were overwhelmed. You seeing a pattern?

    1. @Slew spotted the obese person who needs everything shut down because they wouldn’t survive COVID due to their poor health.

  1. Hey Doctor, you never miss a paycheck while others are struggling to purchase groceries & pay rents.

    1. @Margaret August he is a icu intensivist at MGH. I work with him, we all have been working our asses off

    2. I’ll like to see be a doctor. Oh wait you clearly don’t have the intelligence to be one. Shut your mouth because you have no idea what you are talking about

    3. He is actually very brave to speak out when he works for this godforsaken province! Don’t be so rude!

    4. @MasterofPlay7 being forced at home* while they worry about when they’ll be kicked out of their house.

  2. “Toronto doctor (one doctor) urge increased restrictions” ….and thousands of other doctors and health professionals say restrictions are useless.

    1. @World Gripe You mean while riding his skateboard alone in the park…. assuming he even gets out from under his bed, of course.

    2. And the WHO, the CDC, etc. Heck Texas has opened back up fully and their cases and deaths are falling dramatically.

  3. Go ask for a tour of the covid wards, one health official in Ontario said to just ask her,

    1. @Mike Di Tullio I had it, my sister and great aunt had it, we’re all okay. But my cousin’s friend died, and my sister has a friend that died and another who may. So what’s your point?

  4. We have decades of research on metabolic disease. These doctors know very well that these actions will lead to a greater reduction in years lived for Canadian citizens.

  5. And they fired Baber for pointing out the dangers of lockdown restrictions. Idgaf what your cherry picked doctor says hes probably happy to say whatever lets him keep his job.

  6. Who else want to come with me to go live in a forest.
    Don’t worry about internet and power ,I recently bought starlink internet setup and tesal solar panel.
    Edit 1: need a negative covid test report.

    1. I would like encourage everyone who’s willing to help organise a Common Law Grand Jury. It time for Justice and time to send these Political Parasites and Public Health Bureaucrats to Prison. It is time for Investigations and full Accountability.

    2. @Alison Fraser you don’t need outside contact if you know how to survive in the woods. All the food you need is already out there just waiting to be killed or picked to eat.

    3. @Jenn L I am so so sorry that you are having such a difficult time. Stay strong, and if you ever ever need to talk or vent…please know that can message me. We all need to stick together and help each other❤️

  7. I would Go to work anyways even though there it was an outbreak because I have to take care of my family

    1. Raffaele, you don’t go to be much help if end up 2 meters underground, right, so think about. peace!

  8. Ofcourse, and once those restrictions are up, you’ll come out with the same exact news segment as this one.

  9. 3000 cases a day… There is no way we are testing around 10,000+ a day every day for the past year!

  10. For every ICU doctor they bring on these news programs they should bring an economist, a psychiatrist, and an addiction specialist.

    1. They have economists of staff. The psychiatrists and addiction workers are too backed up. It is nice if doctors to visit. They are swamped but they want to get the message out to numskulls who don’t get it.

  11. Just saw another local restaurant in my area send out notifications they are closing permanently…. thanks politicians and doctors…. let these doctors work for free and see how quick they change there tune…. maybe just protect the elderly, protect those with cancer or other conditions, build field hospitals to keep covid patients, and let everyone else get back to work and trying to survive and provide for their family

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