Toronto homeowner says he ‘never expected’ mortgage payments to surge

Toronto homeowner says he 'never expected' mortgage payments to surge 1


  1. Regular day to day expense is “eating out and a personal house cleaner/maid”. The debt is being inflated away, so don’t worry. When everyone is making $50/hr min wage and milk is $30 a bag and union wages are paying $400/hr then paying back a meager million dollar home is nothing.


    You’re telling me… you made the decision to purchase a house with a variable mortgage rate? and you’re actually crying about the rates going up? ZERO personal accountability.

  3. Why on earth would you take a variable rate when the rates were literally as low as they could be? This guy is underwater after 3 months. Yikes.

  4. Things are so bad I had to lay off my cleaner….wow, just when I thought I had heard it all when it comes to entitlement.

  5. I remember when we never ate out let alone it was a regular thing and certainly no outside cleaning help. lolz.

  6. $300 per month is not too bad, I’m sure this guy spent more on restaurants per month. Everyone in their right mind knows this is just the beginning, you are going to have to stop shopping and going out for the next year or two!

  7. Wow, so you take up a mortgage at all-time low rates, and you think the rates will never increase? Smh!

  8. Blame this network for not covering Poilievre’s criticism of the liberal policy and spending over the years

  9. Haahaha, where did this guy come from? Omg, his house cleaner lost her job!?! I feel for her, but this guy, he’s a real cupcake.

  10. It’s been talked about and known since the beginning of the year this was going to happen. No one should be surprised

  11. Yet a home buyer just paid 400k over the asking price in East Toronto for a semi-detached home? Real Estate makes no sense at these interest rates and prices.

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