Toronto ICU doctor shares patient's heartbreaking story 1

Toronto ICU doctor shares patient’s heartbreaking story


Toronto ICU doctor Michael Warner discusses the human cost of COVID-19, as ICU beds fill up across Ontario.

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    1. @Zach Carter
      Actually not all disease are the same. Mortality rate, infection take up, etc.
      Sorry if my sarcasm meter is broken.

    2. my sister’s friend just became an orphan and both parents died within one week due to covid, very unusual that a regular flu can cause that.

    1. Warning after warning .. after warning … am I the only guy in this world who isn’t seeing anyone getting sick?

    2. @Yousif Perchim So because you can’t see past your nose it doesn’t exist? Probably also believe the earth is flat because you can’t see the curvature don’t ya?

    1. They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars so we all know that covid is so deadly you don’t even know your sick. I am now fully convinced covid is as deadly as a corrupt government.

  1. Great clip, “She was in her mid 40s, had a family…” the level detail and facts, and just amount of valuable information is mind numbing. Great work, keep it up.

    1. Not sure what level of personal details you need.
      The deceased was known to be cynical and sarcastic which made everyone not miss her?

    1. Both Costco and Walmart (at all the outlets I have visited) have very high ceilings, unlike the small retailers. It’s a respiratory disease that is passed by very fine aerosols. The large stores with very high ceilings have better air movement which is somewhat protective. Outdoors has even better ventilation which is why tracing has found no link between crowds outdoors and transmission.
      Masks, on the other hand, are useless. I was in No Frills (which also has high ceilings) today and wanted to open some plastic produce bags. I blew through my mask onto my hands and that put enough moisture on my fingers to stick to the plastic and open the bag. That same moisture is the aerosol that hangs in the air and causes infection if the mask wearer is infected.
      If you hear a doctor talk about wearing a mask, ask for their medical license. They should know better.


      @Philip KwongAnd what about the demographic of Gym users … Cognitive dissonance in display!

  2. I worked in a hospital for 14 years…there was never a day when they werent at capacity…( they get paid for patients in beds)

    1. Yeah. For example a friend of mine hasn’t see his dad since August because he’s in a care home…. And he went to see him through the window last week and security told him to leave. His fathers devastated in there…. The news doesn’t care about that at all though

    2. @Youtube User sorry to hear that. I’m sure there’s many stories like the one I shared…. I haven’t seen my Grama since last March because of this nonsense myself. It’s terrible what they’re doing!

  3. I was in the exact situation from the flu h1n1 up to the ecmo after 17 days in a coma in the end trached and told the rest is up to me . im gratedful every day to kingston general 5 years and counting


      Did we destroy Canada for it?

    2. Yes we have all kind of respiratory disorders, flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis we did not care before now is very important why ??

    1. This ‘story’ could have come from any point in human history. “Got sick and died. It was a tragedy”

  4. I’m sensing a heafty lawusit against the factory brewing for damages following their flippant disregard for public health measures. They had a duty to potect their workers, and they failed misserably. If I was the father, I’d sue for $5,000,000 at least. You could probably settle out of court for $4,000,000.

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