Toronto police use brute force to dismantle homeless encampment 1

Toronto police use brute force to dismantle homeless encampment


At least 26 people were arrested after violent clashes erupted between protesters and police attempting to dismantle a homeless encampment.

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    1. @Bernard Kerman Adventures Ok, I haven’t seen all the coverage. Was curious what the difference was.

  1. Honestly police did their job, the moment the protestors decided to breach they lost all credibility.

  2. They spoke to them all morning and asked them to move on. In the afternoon they forcibly removed the ones who would not leave.

    1. Bruce Smith, did the commenter state what the Toronto Police spoke about with the homeless/protesters? Did the video news stream mentioned anything that said to the homeless/protesters?

    1. @Karen E. Some of them are hotel rooms, the same as anyone would get. Others are supervised dorms. Druggies don’t like those, because there are rules.

  3. The Police did their job. There are laws and these need to be enforced. Yes Toronto has a homeless problem. And money should be allocated to the problem. The City is allocating 6 million dollars to rename one street. Is this a wise use of money?

  4. They should follow the example of San Francisco since that is working out so well.

  5. Problem is the money is being used for more transit. We have lived just fine without millions being spent on that, which some places it’s not even built yet
    How would you like to be homeless?

  6. No one is entitled to live in public spaces. They should have been stopped before they set up their “camp”. No excuse when the city is footing the bill to put them all up in hotels or “transitional” housing.

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