1. Prime Minister Blackfaced Lives Matter can protest with thousands, but a small business owner has to go bankrupt? A funeral can only be held with a small gathering? A wedding needs to wait? Government is failing badly and just hoping that the USA’s failures will make them look more competent.

  2. We are be hind you all the way but please stop the liberals from destroying our statutes of the past. But the start of comunisiun is in the near future if you dont help CANADA to fight trudeau

  3. Why do we need a phase 3 when pretty much all businesses are open!! its a no mask free for all in Ottawa!! It will be phase 2nd waive!!

  4. We should be thankful we have competent leadership at the provincial and federal levels. Could be like the states….

  5. At this point, planting seeds of Liberty into the minds of men, is the only hope.
    The seed will flourish, as time pass’s.

  6. The world is in various forms of lock down, to
    avoid the inevitable—a trimming of the human herd.

  7. Your Team Crunched the Numbers? Is this the same team that crunched grossly erroneous ” Projection Numbers”?
    “Rebuild what we lost?” What BS.
    It started out to “Flatten Curve” to not overwhelm hospitals .
    Provincial Projections said Ontario would peak at 80,000 cases, where as we peaked at 20,000 +- cases and illegal lock down wasn’t eased.
    Thank goodness COVID took a break for protesters. I bet this will cause a second wave.
    Hypocrisy reigns

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