Toronto teen accidentally receives COVID-19 vaccine not yet approved for children 1

Toronto teen accidentally receives COVID-19 vaccine not yet approved for children


A 15-year-old boy looking to get his second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine says he was shocked to find out he had been given the wrong shot after the vaccination had already taken place.

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  1. Why not approved,according to all the so called experts the vaccines are extremely similar,so what’s the big deal

    1. none of these vaccines have completed phase 3 trials, so none of them are approved by any drug regulatory agency, let alone for use on children… Pfiser didn’t even test theirs OnMonkeys, but uninformed parents are giving it to their kids

  2. These doctors really gotta pay attention to this. He’ll probably be just fine but this can’t happen.

    1. “He’ll” probably be just fine”? These are experimental injections. You wackos with your assumptions with zero science to back it up.

  3. do not take any of those frankenstine substances that they call”vaccines”none of them are safe!

  4. But I just want to make sure that if that teen has side effect after. Human lives are the priority.

  5. Error only for mix up? There could be error in the temperature in storage, error in production, error in research and development.

  6. Another moderna accident. These occurring a bit often. This is what happens when strangers are doing things that your doctor is supposed to.

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