Torrential Rains In Nashville Leave Four Dead, Prompts Evacuations In Tennessee | MSNBC 1

Torrential Rains In Nashville Leave Four Dead, Prompts Evacuations In Tennessee | MSNBC


Nashville police reported torrential rains caused four deaths, crews rescued more than 100 people and dozens of roads have been blocked by flood waters. NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Torrential Rains In Nashville Leave Four Dead, Prompts Evacuations In Tennessee | MSNBC


    1. Actually in reality Democrats support BLM LGBTQ abortion and TRANS-KIDS *FACT

    1. If Jesus wasn’t a fake cult leader people could pray the water away or at least have him call on Moses.

    2. Maybe the governor of Tennessee could ask the weather to take the Lords day off and not have destruction on that day. being The Lord would not want Tennessee to have voting on that day ethier. according to the Tennessee governor about Georgia’s ban on voting on sunday’s. See what happens when you try to use the Lords name to accomplish your dirty agenda.

  1. Dear USA, it’s called the ‘effects of global warming’. You know, that phenomenon that a lot of your politicians refuse to acknowledge

    1. @R D i’m not saying anything of the kind. I have no idea where you’re getting these ridiculous ideas. Climate and weather are caused by solar, geological and astronomical events.
      The fact that the earth is on an axis determines the angle in which the sun strikes the earth at given times throughout the year which brings us the four seasons.
      There are geological issues that impact weather and climate. Earthquakes will change land mass. The movement of earth will dry up lakes and streams. We have tectonic plate movement which causes mountain ranges. The sun shining on water, rock, forests, grassland, dort of various hues will cause wind currents to change, the wind will blow, high pressure and low pressure areas will develop which will also impact dewpoint and humidity. We have seen the earth suddenly change in the negative with huge volcanic eruptions. Somebody happen to mention the Antarctic. Geologist have recently discovered most recently a huge active volcanic field under the ice cap.
      In one of my posts I happen to mention and astronomical event caused the end of the Cretaceous period in which temperatures were several degrees higher than they are now and the CO2 levels were at 1700 ppm. I happen to mention that plant and animal life during this time was very diverse, very robust and sometimes very large. All of this came to an end very suddenly by a meteor impact. The earth faces astronomical threats, a large meteor whizzed by the earth within the last couple of weeks. We are in danger of solar flares. I was reading a scientific article a few days ago on a threat to the Earth if Betelgeuse in the Orion system would go supernova.
      So, I hope you don’t get the wrong idea and go off on a tangent. Science can prove everything that I posted. I like to rely on science rather than the computer models that have repeatedly failed in their predictions.
      Stay safe, stay healthy, and be cautious.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Do you consider the flowing of temperature differentials in the jet stream to be geological? Surely you acknowledge the transfer of heat between the tropics and the poles via the jet stream and gulf stream to be a significant factor in directly influencing weather events, no? Possibly the most significant direct precursor to such events? But these temperature flows do not occur in a vacuum. They must propagate through a medium, or media in this case. Those media being the air and the ocean water. So surely you also acknowledge that the conditions of those media can be affected in ways that alter this transfer of heat? Like, for instance, adding gases that prevent heat from the sun from escaping into the upper atmosphere, trapping more of it in the system and contributing to high pressure pockets in the jet stream. Or by releasing thousands of tons of cold water freshly melted off of ice sheets and glaciers that makes its way to the gulf stream and alters the temperature differentials that transport heat across the planet through the oceans. These events directly alter the weather. And yeah, they do involve the sun, as it is the original source of the heat that is being circulated. But these human-generated inputs feed into the natural mechanisms and nudge them in new directions, which can over time create cascading feedback loops.

    3. @leelolly777 I don’t think it’s their fault. We learned that there was a very small cadre of scientists(?) who attempted to feather their own nest with the theory of catastrophic anthropological global warming. We learned that largely from the leaked emails from the CRU. One of them even raised the issue that perhaps what they were observing was caused by natural events. They immediately discounted that idea.
      There is the assumption within the scientific community that a rigorous scientific method will be used to advance a hypothesis. Those few climate scientist refused to allow their data to be examined. They said that people would not understand the data. We did learn about the ancient growth three rings and the findings from that study have been debunked a long time ago.
      Since that time other reputable climate scientist have disapproved the failed theory of CAGW but they have been called deniers, they have been salvaged and ridiculed. I have found that when a person is unable to make a scholarly or a logical rebuttal they resort to name calling. You witnessed that most recently here. There’s a mental process known as cognitive dissidents which means that when people are faced with hard cold scientific fact and prove they will still believe what they want to believe. It’s kind of like a religion anymore.
      Thanks for your post.

    4. @T. R. Campbell ok I apologize. I agree with your last post in almost every way. But I don’t understand how you can make the leap from all of those points to then not believing that human activity can alter weather and even then medium-term climate patterns. I agree that it is highly unlikely that we can impact the long term climate of the planet. But it strikes me as highly likely that we have the technology to impact it in the near term, at the very least to the degree necessary to usher in our own extinction event. After all, how many species of flora and fauna have been wiped out due to human expansion, overtaking their habitats destroying their ecosystems? More than we will likely ever know, I’m sure. You must acknowledge that, right? And I would posit that a fair portion of those instances, we did not intend to wipe out that species, we just did not realize we were doing it until it was too late to save them. Would you agree?

      Do you then think that we are inherently incapable of doing the same to ourselves?

      We are the species who created the nuclear bomb, after all. I find it hard to believe that anyone could see the level of destruction achieved by that technological breakthrough and still be unwilling to accept that our technology has the potential to impact the systems that transfer heat and energy across the planet and hence alter weather patterns in ways that create self-perpetuating feedback loops.

  2. Lifelong Virginia resident and it’s always windy now. Always. We never had a tornado for the first 35 years of my life but in the last 10 we get at least one per year. Crazy. Flowers blooming a month ahead of time, no bees, no butterflies, no lightning bugs

    1. Im in virginia i seen honey bees out that first warm day we had but yes the wind has been crazy the past few years and floods have been bad

    2. It’s global warming
      It shifted the jet stream
      You’ll get warmer faster ,Texas gets snow
      Central America gets a drought, that’s one of the big reasons behind the border surge

  3. We are always so shook in spring, tornado, flooding crazy storms. But we are okay. Condolence to those four lost lives.

  4. It will add insult to injury when they get covid from going around “helping” their neighbors with no masks on.

  5. The witty magic nomenclaturally lighten because duckling reassuringly confess till a repulsive toe. worthless, literate brochure

  6. As a kid I played in the rain, never new it was a killer, I can understand driving in flooded areas or winds taking down trees.rain gives life to all

  7. We had similar here in Oz. Get used to it happening more frequently and fiercely this is what the new world under climate change looks like.

  8. My dad used to tell me, Flooding was good for agriculture. ” No No ”

    Not sure if his remarks made any sense.

  9. Assault from Mother Nature? How about the very real word of our creator coming to pass to warn the masses of His Glorious Return?

  10. Thats God wrath on Georgia for their governors recent Racial law singing. May their be more. Until he fixes his wrong.

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