Tory strategist: ‘Not a great thing’ as Conservative leadership list narrows

Tory strategist: 'Not a great thing' as Conservative leadership list narrows 1


Tory strategist Kate Harrison explains why potential candidates dropping out of the Conservative leadership race early on is a "disappointing" result for the party.

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14 Comments on "Tory strategist: ‘Not a great thing’ as Conservative leadership list narrows"

  1. Sinister Minister | January 24, 2020 at 2:15 PM | Reply

    Rats deserting a sinking ship LMAO 😂😂

  2. Confederation is dead. The only way forward is separation. The future is Statehood.

  3. He makes this sound so very very boring/Andrew, that is

  4. We want a Trump.

    • .. Every conservative worships the wealthy class and hates the middle class; we have enough Tr_mps here.

    • @Jay Ray Yeah well the liberal party here the Democrats current 2 front runners for President are Biden and Sanders who are part of the wealthy class.

    • dvferyance Both part of the wealthy class, but only one wants to substantially raise taxes on the wealthy class. Maybe if they took care of their middle class, 78% of the country wouldn’t live in poverty

    • @Jay Ray Well then I think they should give some of their money away to those who have less since that is what they believe then they should do it.

  5. Canadian doesn’t have anyone that can take Canada where it has to go. SAD

  6. NOTHING but a JOKE

  7. A once great country falling to pieces one billion at a time with 100 thousand respectless immigrants

  8. Another confusing headline that could have been phrased 100 times more clear.

  9. This is Harper‘s party this is why don’t have a líder CANADA Unlike united state doesn’t want to go back to the 40s I guess the PC didn’t learn the lesson yet

  10. I’m really disappointed that Pierre Poilievre pulled out of running for leader….

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