Total COVID-19 Cases Surpass 4 Million | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Katy Tur says, "Today's briefing comes as the U.S. hits yet another grim milestone: 4 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, with the death toll now topping 144,000.” Aired on 7/23/2020.
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Total COVID-19 Cases Surpass 4 Million | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. *Let’s put Seinfeld reruns in the 5PM slot opposite TrumpVirus briefings.* I like the episode where George Costanza’s fiancé (Susan Ross) dies from licking toxic envelopes, and everyone just shrugs.

    1. @Covid 45
      I’ve never watched one of his briefings and I never will
      If his nose grew with lies it would reach the next galaxy.

      I only see you through CNN and that even discussed me I turn down the volume. It’s funny how he’s having a change of tune now because I guess he thought he was going to win coronavirus but I guess coronavirus overpowered the hypocrite number 45

      The only reason why he’s doing this grievance because he saw his ratings go down to Biden

      But let’s not forget what he said from January until today

      And he could have had this virus at least more controls if you are the true president and the leader of our country but he’s the worst president ever in the history of my time and I am 59 years old

      His best friend is Putin
      In America in the next four years if President Trump becomes president will turn into communism

  2. This are no briefings – these are the daily lies and talks about tremendous achievements of Bullsh…

    1. @Genghis Smith ….just what you anti-American Democrats would say.
      I don’t fall for your ridiculous propaganda anymore. Try elsewhere.

    2. @Genghis Smith yes you are 100% anti-American, racist, and as far as Democrat, you are 100% Democrat unless you are just a foreign anti-American racist.

    3. Nudist Trump Jeezus this is hilarious….you haven’t managed to get a SINGLE thing right about me. Do you ever LISTEN to yourself you sad clown? 😂😂😂

    1. @thiskidkatits ” Letting gov mandate masks sets a dangerous precedent. ” R U nuts? It does no such thing.This is a public health crisis. Go back under your rock.

    2. Andrew30 is it really me or you think perhaps it’s the highly manipulated/ misleading overinflated numbers that are literally available to the public to see for themselves? A cvid death means a person that died from cvid right? Nope. A cvid case is some that has cvid right? Not even close. But it’s people like me, who take time to research the facts and think logically about what i know and what i see, i’m the Bozo right? Best wishes to all 🙋🏾‍♂️

    3. Idalina Oliveira Her name is Rebekah Jones. She didn’t quit. She was fired for insubordination. Check her out on YouTube. She is candidly outspoken about this issue.

    4. Jim Loftus she was fired for insubordination because she wouldn’t falsify the figures🤷🏻‍♂️

    5. @Jim Loftus Thanks for the name, 🙂.
      What is really interesting is that I saw the data change to favor Trump/Pence’s reopening orders and _knew_ it was being manipulated.(I had been tracking data for > month) She is the only one that had the character/courage to speak out. And in all this time not one investigative reporter has put it together, or, at least, enough to be able to broadcast it.


  4. 4 million infections? We making sickness great again Trump? Made racism, unemployment, and death of over 140,000 great again already.

    1. @Don Williams H1N1 only had 14,000 deaths. Coronavirus has killed 130,000 more people. Plus coronavirus is still spreading, give it time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re at 60 million by November, not to mention we are coming up on flu season and all the vaccine efforts are focused on Coronavirus. There will be massive flu vaccine shortages. Imagine catching both at the same time

    2. @Albert Goenner Funny how H1N1 didn’t have every death they could say included in it huh? It still killed, thanks to Obama, being it spread from AMERICA, over 500,000 worldwide. Guess what numb b=nuts? The FLU in a TYPICAL YEAR, kills 650,000 worldwide and thats WITH a so called vaccine. If I were you, I’d stay in your mommy’s basement till your 35 or 1 more year.

    3. @Don Williams i find it funny how your own “arguments” contradict eachother. trump failed his pandemic response, while obama didnt. get over it and stop whining.

  5. More than 15? And it didn’t disappear in April when it gets warm? It didn’t miraculously disappear? You mean our stable genius president was wrong? Obama’s fault!

  6. Covid deaths today:

    New Zealand – 0
    The Netherlands – 0
    Thailand – 0
    South Korea – 0
    China – 0
    Iceland – 0
    Norway – 0
    Finland – 0
    Austria – 0
    Japan – 1
    Greece – 1
    Czechia – 3
    Switzerland – 3
    Portugal – 3
    Belgium – 3
    Spain – 3
    Canada – 4
    Australia – 5
    Germany – 5
    France – 10
    Italy – 10

    Ohio – 29
    Alabama – 33
    Tennessee – 37
    South Carolina – 49
    Arizona – 89
    Florida – 173

    Donald Trump “We have the lowest fatality rate in the world. We are the envy of the world right now”

    Source: Worldometer ( )

    1. @Michael in Houston I’m aware. Personally I would rate either Vietnam or New Zealand as the top country in the world for how they’ve dealt with this virus. Maybe there are some very small islands which closed down their borders, before they even had any infections. But in terms of relatively big countries those are the top 2 for me.

      Vietnam had less deaths but they are still having a handful of cases. New Zealand has cases but only from people returning home who are immediately quarantined at the border. In terms of community transmitted cases, they haven’t had any for over 2 months now!! The virus is fully eradicated from their country!

    2. @Nudist Trump That’s it, when you can’t face the truth you resort to name calling and conspiracy theories.

  7. this is a misuse of taxpayer money. if he wants a rally he needs to pay for it out of campaign funds.

    1. Well you know what Donnie likes to say, we’re number one, we’re the best, like I’m telling you nobody’s like us.

  8. Stop giving him are time to lie and aggrandize himself. Thumbs down from me this time around I’m sick of this crap.

  9. The US is shooting itself in the foot by not controlling this pandemic. For God’s sake, quit the squabbling and work together to control this coronavirus. We did it in Canada and other countries. Quit being no. 1 in cases!

  10. Five O’clock Follies
    The media should stop live coverage.
    This is his replacement for rallies and reality.

  11. In Trump’s mind, 4M is just 24,800 cases. Why? Remember Tulsa he said 1M registered and only 6200 showed up?

  12. “Total COVID-19 Cases Surpass 4 Million” motivating us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to immediately find out at any given moment, including while On-line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to convince them to call their doctor and self-quarantine per their doctor in hopes of stopping this pandemic before all our hospitals here in the U.S. are overrun.

    1. The hospitals are not overrun. They never were. Three NYC field hospitals and the hospital ship went away without ever seeing a patient.

    2. @Jeff Gibson wrote “the hospitals are not overrun.” My comment at the top is about stopping the COVID-19 pandemic “before all our hospitals here in the U.S. are overrun.” In the interim, I am simply wonderfully hungry and hope you, Jeff, and others reading my comment at the top, also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you ?

    3. @HeartDoc Andrew I feel great. I’ve been looking for covid19 for three months but I can’t find it anywhere. Nobody around here knows anybody who knows anybody has ever had it.

    4. @Jeff Gibson , taking your “feel great” to mean “yes, you have a healthy appetite,” I, as a cardiologist, share with you, Jeff, that it’s wonderful knowing through our hunger that we’re both not having a heart attack (aka myocardial infarction) at the moment in accordance with pure logic {{healthy=wonderful & appetite=hunger}} and advise that you try to write that you’re “wonderfully hungry” since we’ve established here that you are: So now how are you ?

    5. @Jeff Gibson, your not being able to write that you’re “wonderfully hungry” over the past 8 hours since being greeted here means you, Jeff, are #StatCOVID19Test **positive** indicating that it’s possible you’re unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic) needing to call your doctor & to self-quarantine per your doctor.

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