'Touchdown!': Blue Origin Capsule Lands Back On Earth 1

‘Touchdown!’: Blue Origin Capsule Lands Back On Earth

Watch as the Blue Origin capsule safely lands back on ground at the Corn Ranch Launch Site and Jeff Bezos comments from inside on the experience.

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'Touchdown!': Blue Origin Capsule Lands Back On Earth


  1. Maybe coming back down to Earth will make his see how much he should be doing for the planet. Paying his taxes would be a good start.

    1. @Censorship Is real
      Why does the GQP have the highest death toll and why do the Democrat states have to pay for the GQP states? Why do GQP states have the lowest in healthcare, education, infrastructure, economy, Etc?

    2. @Deborah DiCesare why are more blacks killed in democrat cities and states then republicans ?
      But as usual you make the virus about political parties. So it’s not about the science.
      If you have the data to back up your claim I’d love to see it.

    3. @Censorship Is real Grow up you child,remind all who just gave 2 trillion dollar tax reduction to the super rich..?

    4. @Censorship Is real Black is white,day is night,wrong is right and trump doesn’t lie..
      You clown.

    1. @Juha Pehkonen Photographs ARE evidence. Do you have any? Btw, “images” are NOT photographs necessarily. But this is 2021, video of this world turning would be great… no excuses and no fake rhetoric… just the evidence.

    1. How about “We pancake you to death!” or “Amazon tosses your order from the sidewalk onto your porch. We’ll do the same from 100 km up.” ?

  2. Since my amazon packages always ends up at the neighbor’s porch, I’m guess they landed off course?

    1. Haha, my pkgs as well. I have a mailbox right in front of the house with big numbers and to be clearer painted a silver arrow towards the driveway, but NO – all deliveries end up down to the next house.

    2. @Tom Loefgren Rials Yep.. I hate to allege anything… But funny how at Christmas, with a ratio of potentially higher end purchases, the mistakes that neighbors sort out, turn into just missing packages not delivered to neighbors either. (At least they cover it, but such a headache)

    1. Maybe he learned to pay taxes like Trump. And if he ever run for president his irs files are always under audit and can’t be shown.

  3. Imagine having enough money that you could solve multiple global humanitarian crises and deliberately choosing not to.

    1. To stay rich …. you gats to keep some people poor. Rich people battle their own consciences about doing good by telling themselves they have problems – just like poor people and everyone else in-between.
      They just don’t have the same problems.

    2. A link off a monkey chain, unfortunately that’s not in our nature. Never was.. You would need to award people greatly to have such imaginations see reality. Lil high-horse ego’s goes sour further when believing in a religion for these benefits as well etc…

    3. @Vinny • The people, who made Bezos rich, are the computer programmers and IT people creating and running Amazon Web Services. They are well paid. He gets to keep his money because he spent decades building his company up, not realizing a wage for about a decade. What have you done, that you think you have the right to take his money?

    4. @Patrick Capote That’s absolutely false. Wealth isn’t a zero sum game. Take your socialist nonsense elsewhere.

  4. Don’t understand what the big deal is. This was already done decades ago. It’s not like this has never been done before.

    1. @Roger Wilco that still does not make today’s event big news. These billionaires act like they alone have made some huge achievements when in reality they are just riding the coattails of the real trailblazers. Again, this is not groundbreaking news.

    2. @Daren Stroud First crewed flight to space with a reusable booster rocket and capsule. Literally a historic achievement

    3. @Juha Pehkonen not really. But if you want to see it that way that is cool also. For me, it is just not that big of a deal.

    1. You got that right,they probably don’t have the billions they claim, all photoshopped, hahahaha next time take the other Maga billionaire Trump with you,but don’t come back

    2. What he didn’t go to the moon and deliver a package of an Amazon flag made in china by 6 year olds and plant it on the moon? He missed his moment for a great capitalistic commercial!

  5. Never has the expression “spam in a can” been more applicable. Tourism to space just seems ridiculous

    1. @100PercentOS2 I know some of the programmers he employs. He treats them very well, with a good wage and benefits.

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