Tourism Ministry: We Didn't Know About Mochafest | TVJ News - May 28 2021 1

Tourism Ministry: We Didn’t Know About Mochafest | TVJ News – May 28 2021


A staunch defense from the Jamaica Tourist Board is out about its role in the now controversial party series underway in Negril, Westmoreland the event Mocha Fest is now trending on social media but for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. What a load of bull$h!t!! They knew about it turn a blind eye with the hope it would carry on without the public uproar but it backfired like the yengyeng bike.

    1. Carol Thomson I agree. How can they not know when it was advertised on the discover ja website. They think we’re dumb.

  2. Lock up Donovan white we nuh want ear no apologies cz we fren dem nuh get nuh no chance to apologize let the promoter pay dem fine to like how beenie man did affi pay

  3. Well the mocho event looked well attended. Congratulations to Rick’s Cafe.

    It is evident that the Tourism Ministry, Tourist Board and others had at least direct or constructive knowledge of the event.

    “Breach of protocols” is different from having knowledge of the event. A breach can take place in a bus or supermarket. This can be corrected very easily.

    Can you please ask Rick’s Cafe to let me know when the next party will take place.

    1. Agree when next big party keep but this time Dem will come with them own cameras film show and prove and send it out. To look like dem do their job right all them calls came from the top and forward down to smaller fish to carry out not to interfer

  4. If a local knock him dutch pot two times them find him .I’m in canada and i know about it .two different rules .everybody in the government knew, everybody in the tourism industry know.

  5. The problem is Jamaican people do not love their own kind so the laws will never be equal it is hard to be a Jamaican and a black man at the same time….

  6. De director could tell bare lies no events automatically go forward when the time expire it will be seen as old unable to book.

  7. better not hear or see unuu try lock up any Jamaica base business personal… Cause unnu a wicked to unnu own..

  8. The relevant authority knows about it but they’re going to say they dont. The people elect these dirty politicians who only come to sink poor people of this country them cant even open shops after certain hours and look at that series of party corrupt leaders who full their pockets and look to the side .

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