1. Fake News !! Would be roped off if it had real value, its a decoy !!!The real one is in Jeff Epsteins sex room!!!

    1. @Orbit Mercury Exactly. I have been to Chaco Culture National Historical Park that has ancient petroglyphs and there was graffiti all over it. There’s also graffiti on the petroglyphs at Petroglyph National Park as well.

    2. Well, it’s common sense, I go to museums where there are no velvet ropes or other types of restraints to keep tourists at a safe distance, but I know well that the artifacts/displays should only be appreciated with your eyes.

    1. From the looks of him I would guess he was raised by pigs. When I was young and taken to nice places, I was told “Do not touch”. It only came naturally that I did not need to be told “Do not sit on the exhibits”.

  1. I like the way that he just casually walks away like nothing happened. He was probably whistling too. It reminds me of myself as a child when I broke something.

    1. It’s a plaster copy, not the original, thankfully. It’s the embarrassment lol. Although he doesn’t strike me as the sharpest tool in the museum shed…

    1. @0 0 that’s exactly what I was thinking and to add too that…..why doesn’t cnn cover the statues being torn down so very militiously.

    2. @Diddy Doodat I guess it would be okay to burn down somebody’s house then. I mean it’s just a house right?

    1. It’s common sense! You don’t need a sign to tell you that. When you go to a museum you should know the golden rule is to look and don’t touch. I’ve been to many museums that don’t have any restraints. They encourage you to take close looks at their displays, but they also expect you respect the property and don’t touch. These types of people know they shouldn’t, but they want their photos so they can get likes on their Facebook page. These types of people are careless and selfish.

  2. What I have a bigger problem with is HE did not go straight to the staff and tell on himself. That’s the unforgivable part!

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