1. how many millions of people smoke each day despite knowing the fact that increase their chance of getting cancer one day?

      Going to Chernobyl zone is in fact much less risky than that.

    2. Wimpy Limpet : Call of Duty, (the video game) fans, have all been there already, and know the area inside out. I think I’ll leave it at that, though. I barely got out alive, before I was airlifted out of my last shootout there. But, there’s something Darwinian, about these idiots, killing themselves off in droves. Fewer poor taste idiots, means more room for the rest of us 🙂

  1. At least if you have cancer you can just go visit and hang out a little bit longer than everyone else.

  2. Thumbs down until red box is gone making it difficult to see if I’ve watched your videos before

    1. Alec Zero shouldn’t you also know if you’ve watched a cnn Chernobyl doc or not, and if you can’t watch it again because you clearly don’t remember and are curious

    1. If you are talking about the tourism and not the accident itself, well keep in mind that millions of people smoke every day and that is in fact far more risky than vising Chernobyl zone.

      Do you really think that tourism would be allowed there if there was any chance of risking your health? I really suggest that you people learn about these things before you throw in comments like that.

      People are not even allowed to go to the most contamined zones like Red Forest, although even there there would be no real danger to visit, but in Pripyat where most tourists visit the background radiation levels are only 2 to 10 times more higher than normal background radiation levels….to put things in perspective background radiation levels would have to be thousands of times higher than that in order for you to be in even remote danger.

    2. Goya Solidar : I said something similar. All us, Call of Duty, video game enthusiasts know the area inside out anyway. It’s crap. Even when you’re having an awesome shootout . . . Let ‘em go, I say

    3. @Balnazzardi “Do you really think that tourism would be allowed there if there was any chance of risking your health?”

      What a naive statement. Governments and business enterprises allow tourism to dangerous places all the time in spite of the stated risks to life and limb. You think the Nepalese government properly weighs the safety of wannabe climbers versus the hazards of scaling Everest when so much tourist dollars are at stake? Half the people who climb that mountain have no business being there and yet they’re given permits to do so.

    4. @Goya Solidar And you are ignorant if you dont even listen to what they said “taking visit to Chernobyl zone would be like taking international flight” in terms of radiation exposure.

      But whatever Im not gonna bother with ignorant morons like yourself who are not even willing to educate themselves on these matters.Why dont you actually go and ask some tourists who have visited the site? They all carry those radiation dosimeters with them and can calculate the average dose of their visit to Chernobyl zone.


      “During a one day spent in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the body receives a dose of gamma radiation comparable to 0,0005 dose by X-ray scan or to 3-5 hours spent in an airplane. In numbers, you will receive 3-5 microsieverts of gamma radiation – an absolutely non harmful dose of radiation. For comparison, most of the nuclear power plants around the world have a safety limit for their employees set at 50-100 microsieverts per day. During a one-day tour you will get even less: 4-6 microsieverts of gamma radiation. Most probably you will get more radiation during your flight to Kiev. In order to be sure you come back home safe and sound, we ensure a dosimetric control for you at least twice a day, you will get a free respirator and a Dosimeter will be borrowed to you anytime at no cost.”

    1. The Canadian American : What good COD player DOESN’T know the whole area, better than the back of his own hand? No desire to just walk around there, without even a shootout or an assassination to look forward to. Let, the Darwinian experiment continue. Fewer idiots on the roads

    1. Bodie Ops Yes! I’m glad someone recognized that lol one of the most iconic quotes from the entire franchise

    2. I was born in a ghost town.

      Picher oklahoma.

      Kind of the same thing now that I look at it? 😏

  3. What fools don’t they read the News or know History? ISMH on Tourist going there still from a TV Series…

  4. The Trump’s should summer in both The Dominican Republic & Cherynobyl. Pence clan can join the 🎉 !

  5. White people are funny man lol they will swim with great white sharks, jump out of planes 40,000 feet go to a place with more radiation than 2000000 mircowaves. but see a black man or woman or child and call the police on us when 9/10 times we are just minding our own business smh.

    1. @Reiner mit ei, bidde! They are something.. Just about every week its a new video i America of black people at the car park or swimming pools minding our business and white nosey hateful people calling 911. Like they miss the 1870s or so. Even so a.gay white man do it in a video. U would think the LGBT people would have an understanding but skin over alleyship i guess.

    2. ​@E’raan Lue Just because they are black? The same logic applies to you then unless you are blatantly racist therefore all your opinions can be disregarded

    3. @E’raan Lue see lol but mass shooters and all racist cops etc. But 9/10 talk lol cant make this stuff up. So sad 2019 people still think like this.

    1. @José Garcia There’s a huge difference between Democratic Socialism and Communism, think nordic countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Basically, the government makes itself responsible for people instead of allowing rich corporations dictate the price you pay for medicine for example. Think about it

    1. Fukushima has more radiation at this point. Radioactive decay over time has reduced radiation levels in Pripyat.
      Going to Fukushima is the most radioactive area at the moment. CNPP under the sarcophacus, which is off limits is, however, the most radioactive spot on the earth’s surface at the moment.
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on the other hand, are today perfectly normalized. While you’re at it, look up radiation in Edinburgh, that city has about as much radiation as even Nagasaki and is completely natural.

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