1. Isn’t this state run by elected officials that are opposed to the infrastructure bill? SMDH. Why do they Keep voting these clowns into power.

    1. @24-7Dawnpatrol
      So, since you live in Florida, do you think a “good policy“ is to let COVID-19 spread some more, possibly developing into another variant which Our vaccines may not work for?

      Since you’re from Florida, do you think it was a good policy to open up spring break when every hoodlum in the south east decides “hey, finally a place we can get wild at” to the point that the mayor had to shut it down?

      LOL… Use a little sense. If you knew what you were talking about in Florida, you wouldn’t vote in Joel Greenberg or Matt Gaetz… I bet you voted for both of them, didn’t you?! LOL…

    2. @Bauks still dosent matter. You dont have to not watch tv to belive bullshit from the right.

    3. They often don’t. These corrupt clowns also pass voter suppression bills and gerrymander their districts to stay in power.

    1. What is going on in this post? So many people with the same profile pic, but different screen names. That smells awfully fishy. What’s confirmed, by the way?

    2. @The Tweatles Accuser of what? So far its been nonsense like “oh he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek” nothing remotely criminal.

  2. That’s what deregulation get’s you and guess who will eventually have to pick up the cleaning bill.

    1. @george hakimian ahaha. Ah you conservatives are just so amusing. Texas couldn’t even handle a little bit of cold weather. Try again child

    2. @Amerigoth makes you cream your that giving people criminal charges for handing out water doesn’t it? Let’s make it nation wide…

    3. @James Mayden anti-electioneering measures yup👍 all for em. bring your own water! it’s called preparation. lefties are just terrible at it. used to relying on handouts i guess.

  3. Just in time for the infrastructure bill. All this sh.. they’ve been ignoring. Florida is ruined 😒

    1. @Terra death from other people will always happen, capitalism has killed who and what regime? i can name you several socialist leaders who literally committed genocide, why don’t you do some simple history home work and prove me right. again,not 1 socialist regime or country has worked.

    2. Here’s an example. Wealthy companies taking advantage of people through paying low wages. Pull that thread in any direction you wish. You won’t find a shortage of death, I’m sure.

    3. @mr lewizzmr Lewis your high where you think them funds come from us the everyday working guy’s and we think we should build America back up what’s wrong with that?

  4. They dont know what to do with it, and so the appropriate response is to keep doing it and cross your fingers nothing bad happens 🤯🤢😭
    Florida right? Where they elect child traffickers.

    1. @Jeff Libby I commend you for going homophobic over racist. You’ve upgraded from mid-60s to mid-90s. You’ll catch up soon #progress

    2. ​@Jhank Himer …says the guy in the clown mask. Tell me, where do you think it will get you by mocking everything you should be taking seriously? Don’t you know you’ll suffer right along with the rest of us? Or are you too young to have ever considered that?

    1. @Mili M lol. If you think Florida lives in reality 99% of the time it’s just as much part of the problem.

    1. Exactly. They toss out regulations, because they think a guy with a beard in the sky is going to fix it for them. So now they’re going to exterminate all life in the entire Bay (and presumably the entire Gulf).

    2. @Rubicon12 LMAO!! Hard to run a business without water that won’t kill you, or power to heat your business, and power the building your business is in! I think your point is completely false!

    1. Consequences nah…
      I do drunk shootin, its fun and sometimes you get rid of unecessary expences like child support

      Than i can put money where its really important, more guns to defend my family!

  5. Sounds like People always see all kinds of issues when they can’t cover up the problems cause those issues until they are out of control

    1. we can presume that this problem was relayed by workers, who dont know thier job as well as the company CEO ( eye roll)

    1. There has not yet been a disaster yet so there is no need to call it that. If this crisis is everted we should all be happy for the residents in that area. It beats talking about gloom & doom before anything has happened.

  6. This is the third time this toxic lake has nearly collapsed – but did Florida do anything the last two times? NO ! That would mean regulating the corrupt businesses who bribe republican politicians.

  7. “At least we’ve been cutting EPA regulations for the last 4 years” – someone watching a 20ft wall of radioactive waste slam through their house

    1. So what caused the EPA disaster in CO under Obama? I am sure you’ve got no idea. But hey, it’s probably worth the laugh.

    2. “A sudden, uncontrolled breach could flood homes in the area and upend stacks of phosphogypsum, a waste product of phosphate mining, that hold the ponds.

      Phosphogypsum contains “appreciable quantities” of radioactive materials, such as uranium and radium, according to the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Noah Valenstein, secretary of the State Department of Environmental Protection, said on Saturday night that the water had “elevated levels of nutrients” but that it was not radioactive.” NYT

    3. @S.D. T. Are you talking to the mirror again? You have got to stop this, people are making fun of you.

  8. They are going to upset the whole ecological system by dumping that poison into Tampa Bay! Hard to believe they haven’t worked out a solution prior to this mess‼️

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