1. So while the store shelves are empty in some places, we can go to the shore line off Vancouver Island and rummage around and find what we were looking for. neat

  2. Why aren’t the containers collected before they are broken up and washed ashore? Someone is not doing their job and be proactive.

    1. You may not have noticed but any recovery has been delayed by a massive storm; the same one that caused the problem. And do you think that the equipment to pick up 40 foot loaded containers is just sitting around the west coast of Vancouver Island?

    2. @Rick McGill Somehow they are able to get firefighting boats there. Who is asking to pickup containers?
      How about few tug boats? I am sure we have a few to spare. Is it so hard to tie them down, keep them from shore? Sure beats trying to clean up the mess afterwards. That is the problem with our government, no accountability. Heads need to roll.

  3. Major sales going on right now in B.C. of washed up toys, clothes, and appliances.
    Right off the boat.

    1. Yes it’s smoldering for the next few days according new news I read. Toxic material called aluminum polyethanol xantax that is toxic is smoldering right now. They lied about 40 containers now it’s 106. How do you miscount 66 containers…beyond me..

  4. The sea is sick of the worlds materialistic junk….What does it gain a person to have all this stuff if they lose there soul….Woe woe repent 🙏🌲⚓

  5. I Please can somebody listen to FSW applicants.We are in panic trauma which we are facing since 10 months. Show some respect,sympathy to our emotions.We are living human being not aliens, IRCC is treating like we are from other planets.Bring back FSW draws& @CitImmCanada

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