1. Just remember this simple rule:

      99% of politicians are absolutely corrupt. The other 1% are probably corrupt.

  1. Companies in Canada get millions of dollars tax refund ,,while I’m being audit for $575 😳😳😳🤮🤢🤮

  2. It’s follow the leader…but the leader is going the wrong way. Things have gotten too far out of hand to be corrected…but correct they must. 🧐

  3. JT should actually have (3) ethics violations on his record. He did not recuse himself during the WE Charity scandal when he had a clear conflict of interest (he had multiple family members with financial relationships with the organization). He even apologized for it publicly, but somehow the ethics commissioner didn’t find any wrong doing..

  4. Trust is earned, past behavior and actions indicate that a person can be trusted or not. This Minister cannot be trusted any further.

  5. “I’m sorry”, just doesn’t cut it anymore with this government. JT has set the bar for his caucus by getting away with his own transgressions. They think laws and rules do not apply to them, so when they’re broken, a simple apology is all that’s required to make things right. I sincerely hope this MP does the right thing and step down, but I doubt it.

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