Trade Unions Reaction to Minimum Wage | TVJ News – Feb 22 2022

Trade Unions Reaction to Minimum Wage | TVJ News - Feb 22 2022 1


  1. It can be raised incrementally to what the union believes is a true living wage. So the union says 12k… so raise it to 9k… then set a time and then say $10k…. then again in 2 years . Set a 4 or 5 year window…for the wages to increase. It allows businesses to plan and have time to adjust to the increases.. it is how unions management and the government should bring about change for all its ppl and workers.

  2. Even one person might work 300 us a day how the heck people manage with that little money.goverment you need to do better.


  4. I agree minimum wage should be adjusted according to the livable /consumer expenses, prices increase, minimum wages increase

  5. Within 4 years is twice since the minimum wage as risen after year’s have stuck without a red cent add to it and in this difficult time that we are in people must understand and appreciate and learn to control theirs budget because I’m sure it was to go higher many will end up jobless

    1. @black roots but u know what I realized with u people are that there was a time wen neither police teachers nurse’s received a red cent yet u same Jamaican never ever get up and comment on that y yet nw within 4 years government try to do something and u having a big problem y yet it’s come in a time that our nation has ever face for as long as I know this world and yet we still hasn’t overcome it yet but they try we all know right now this crisis is something that the whole world is facing with price increasing yet many haven’t seen wat Jamaica has able to do and achieve right now but wat I realized is that most of u people rather seeing people being unemployed instead of working u no y u lack prosperity vision but rather seeing poverty rise I wonder if u r a kind political player I bet u is com on let b thankful for the people who are going to still can try surviving instead of seeing more beggers

  6. Disrespectful, the working class people of Jamaica has been carrying the burden of the country for a long time. Everything that we purchased is price equivalent to U S, so the people should be paid equivalent to U S. But we are not asking for that, but $ 25 to $30,000 would be a better living wages for a lot of people who are now living in poverty, and there would be more taxes to help fix a lot more things.

  7. No wonder the 2grand extra increase is taking place on Tom Fool day smh this must be a prank government sick stomach

  8. Those old geezers needs to go. I’m sure that, they are not living on minimum wage. They are just wicked and evil 😈. That’s just an insult to the Jamaican people.

    1. Yuh NUH si.a ole dinasours them,.only Feh DEMN POCKET Feh full but POOR PPL NUH Feb have nutten… Damn ole fart…

    2. @Music Lover Tell me about it. Andrew Hopeless, and Juliette, have a lot of business. Where did their money 💰 come from? They have no love for the Jamaican people. I hope that the Jamaican people don’t vote for dem again.

  9. I don’t like when these people who have no idea what it’s like working minimum wages come and a try justify why it’s at that level like we must agree and accepteverything. Kmdt!!!

  10. Why the poor always have to suffer and the business people get the upper hand? government concern about the business owners ans and not the worker.

  11. Government in Jamaica should be ashamed of themselves it’s totally disgraced it’s so bad they need to do a better than what they are doing they’re the ones who causing Jamaica to be going down disgrace

    1. People who keep voting for them should be ashamed in some countries the citizens would force the government out of power if they dont inprove the country
      Jamaica is not one of those serious countries voting back your oppressors into power and not those who really want to change the nation definatly not an intelligent set of people

  12. Averaging inflammation , the minimum wage increase is disappointing. Is it going to take another four years for another increase. It doesn’t take four(4) years for members of parliament to vote themselves a wage increase!! They are so full of crap!!

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