Train hits police car parked on Colorado tracks with suspect inside | USA TODAY

A police officer is under investigation after a 20-year-old woman was badly injured after a train slammed into the police car she was being held in.

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The incident occurred just after 7:30 p.m. Friday when a Platteville, Colorado, police officer pulled over a woman in her car north of Platteville after a road rage incident involving a firearm was reported earlier in the day in the neighboring town of Fort Lupton, per a news release from the CBI, one of several agencies investigating the incident.

The woman stopped her car just past the railroad tracks and the officer parked the patrol car behind her on the tracks, CBI said.

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    1. I sure wish her winning lawsuit money would come out of the police budget not come out of society monies. Then perhaps the police would start getting the police who are not worth their money FIRED. and stop lying about how great they were so they can get another job in another district.

  1. I hope she recovers well. That sh*t didn’t look like an accident at all. Unless he’s completely deaf he had plenty of time to move the squad car. You can hear and feel a train approaching.

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