Trans athlete bans: Christian advocacy group at forefront of movement | USA TODAY 1

Trans athlete bans: Christian advocacy group at forefront of movement | USA TODAY


A USA TODAY investigation found Alliance Defending Freedom is at the forefront of the movement to ban trans girls from girl's sports teams.
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Across the nation, state lawmakers supporting transgender athlete bans have painted a picture that girls sports teams will be overrun by athletes with insurmountable physical advantages. But a USA TODAY investigation of the lobbying effort shows that narrative has been built on vague examples that have been overstated or are untrue, and lawmakers have accepted them as fact with little effort to verify their accuracy.

The more than 70 bills lawmakers have offered in at least 36 states would suggest a bigger problem facing girls sports, but that didn’t check out either. Instead, USA TODAY could find few transgender athletes participating and even fewer complaints about them.

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  1. After all, these are men – trans don’t take away their strength- they need to make a team for themselves!
    Thanks for helping!

  2. Why Don’t They Start Their Own Sports Leagues?? Biologically They are Still Men, Stop Trying To Infiltrate Every Part of Society!! Everyone Have a Lane & Purpose inLife, Stay in Your Lane & Fulfill Your GOD Given Purpose!! ijs frfr

  3. Woman stay in your lane
    Men stay in your lane
    We make it complicated!
    Jesus come soon our nation is so corrupt!

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