Trans athletes are speaking out against bills to ban them from sports | USA TODAY

Transgender athletes are speaking up as over half the states in the U.S. consider bills to ban trans students from competing in women's sports

Trans athletes are firing back against proposed bills in 26 states to ban trans kids from competing in girls or women's sports.

On March 11, Mississippi's governor signed one such bill into law. South Dakota's governor will likely sign a similar bill into law soon.

President Biden issued an executive order combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation his first day in office, making his position on trans inclusion clear.

Experts say trans equality is becoming one of the fiercest political debates of the decade.

Proponents of banning transgender athletes from girls and women's sports say trans girls and women have unfair advantages over cisgender women.

For trans advocates like six-time Team USA duathlete and triathlete Chris Mosier and world track cycling champion Veronica Ivy, that argument doesn't hold up. They say trans kids, like 14-year-old field hockey player Rebekah Bruesehoff, have the same right to play sports as other kids.

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  1. I disagree on one part of the issue. If you’re physically male but identify as female it’ll give you an unfair advantage over the team that’s made up of females that are female. Don’t hate, I’m just giving my own view.

    1. Where does it say all boys are stronger and faster than girls?
      Why aren’t trans athletes winning dozens, if not hundreds of awards every year?

    2. @R Platt not all men are stronger or faster then all women but take a look at sports stats … men can lift more weight, men’s track speeds are faster then women’s, men can jump higher…again, nothing is ever 100% but men are simp,y built differently then women are, it gives them an advantage in most cases. Maybe it’s because men were the hunter/gatherers and needed these advantages in order for humans to survive.
      Why aren’t there trans athletes winning awards? What awards are you speaking about? Myself and another recommend making sports teams for trans people, I’d be very supportive of that as no one should have their dreams or goals stopped for any reason, but how is it fair that such a small percentage of the population wants rights over the majority that would clearly be unfair?

    3. @Vicky Dee
      You cannot compare top athletes and claim that applies to high school students. Can we use car racing stats to conclude men are better drivers?
      Plus we’re talking about trans girls taking estrogen. They quickly lose muscle mass – if they didn’t take “puberty blockers”.

      Scholarships are awarded based on how a person performs during competitions. You can count on 1 hand the number of times a trans girl has won a competition. And there are THOUSANDS of competitions every year.

      Segregating trans girls would destroy their dreams and goals. And for what? NOT 1 CIS GIRL HAS LOST A SCHOLARSHIP to a trans girl.
      But it’s unacceptable because it _MIGHT_ happen?

      You mean you want to deny trans girls the right to play with other girls because they _might_ win? And winning takes away other girls rights?

      *Your arguments fail with team sports.*

  2. So how fair is it to put somebody with a man’s body in a sport with women or girls? Ridiculous. All of this is utterly ridiculous.

  3. Oohh this person is crazy !! men produce testosterone no matter if you dress as a girl your physically stronger so just compete against the rest of the men and let it be…. no need to outshine all the girls working as hard as they can and say your the same when your filled with testosterone!!


    1. So ALL males are stronger than ALL females at ALL ages?
      How is it so few trans athletes have won awards if they have such an overwhelming advantage?

  5. I love the part “ testosterone doesn’t give an advantage if it’s produced by your own body. “ biggest lie I’ve heard all day 😂😂😂😂

    1. and that person’s body clearly doesn’t produce any. So that person is using an argument that doesn’t even apply to themselves. It’s ridiculous and hysterical.

  6. I’m more sympathetic to those girls who are losing their scholarships because someone who has had a lot more testosterone than them can strip their title away.

    1. Please name 1 girl that’s lost a scholarship to a trans athlete.
      If there aren’t any girls actually being harmed, what’s your 2nd choice for sympathy?
      Do trans girls deserve scholarships?

  7. People pulled out or boycotted “just because who I am” says the man who now calls himself a woman. Who you were is not who your are Ms. (respectfully), Ivy.

  8. Testosterone produced by the body does not give an advantage yet in nearly EVERY sport relying of muscle strength and endurance men hold the metrics typically around 10% better than the best woman. Also, many men outperform even the best women.

    1. @Derrick Rob (( sigh )) Thinking. It’s not your strong suit.

      Learn the subject. You’ll make more sense and sound less like a 5-year-old trying to explain advanced mathematics.

    2. @R Platt no sir thinking is not ur strong suit if u think a boy can be a girl ur dumb and delusional

    3. @R Platt and u make perfect sense saying a boy can be a girl when have surgery how stupid that sounds I guess a dog can become a cat if he eats cat food

    4. @R Platt and if u don’t think men are naturally stronger than women than ur more stupid than u sound

    5. @R Platt “not all women can become pregnant” yeah there’s this thing called being fertile

  9. I’ve had a medical condition that prevents myself from competing officially. Welcome to the world we don’t always get what we want.

    1. Me too! My legs aren’t long enough or fast enough. It’s so unfair people with longer legs took away my chance at a scholarship!

  10. Its scary that we ever considered letting dudes beat up on real women. They ahould have theyre own,sport and safe space

    1. @R Platt they let transgender women fight in the UFC and box other women I don’t think that’s okay it could just be me but I’m just saying that’s possibly a bad idea just maybe

  11. giving steroids to girls should be illegal if giving them to boys is. These trans ppl are looking for an easier way to win. Get a life and develop some dignity .

  12. I’m glad that some states still have common sense. Men shouldn’t get to compete with women. Period. Its not fair.

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