Transcript Shows OMB Resignations Over Trump Hold On Ukraine Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Transcript Shows OMB Resignations Over Trump Hold On Ukraine Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on the newly released transcript of the deposition of Mark Sandy, the only OMB official to testify in the Trump impeachment inquiry, in which we learn that two OMB officials resigned over Donald Trump's hold on Ukraine aid, and it is clear that a paper trail exists showing Trump's direct hold in the Ukraine hold. Aired on 11/26/19.
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Transcript Shows OMB Resignations Over Trump Hold On Ukraine Aid | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. So is it okay to hold up aid to Israel to “root out corruption” because the PM of Israel was just indicted…..

    1. @Kristopher Roth Awwww…I think someone’s got their panties all in a bunch…sit down skippy…I’m pretty sure you need to have your meds adjusted…but still though…bless your little heart…you tried.

    2. @DAYBROK3
      Hi soycuck
      Unfortunately snowflake in America you actually have a Crime then prosecute not the other way around , maybe in the 3rd world dump your from people get rounded up but in America we actually have this great system called ” innocent before proven guilty ” now our founding fathers include this so punks like you were not picked up and arrested just because you look like a junkie so listen you paid Soros prostitute go tell your handlers there are only free men here Trump2020

    1. C. H. If it was a big deal why hasn’t the president of Ukraine say anything thing? Btw Trump has given Ukraine a lot of aid including javelins

    2. @Mustang .308 Champ, the concept of the rule of law was taken from English law. Correct me if I’m wrong, your Honor, but I don’t believe that England is a republic.

  2. This Trump makes the incompetence and bumbling of King George look like a sane and sober leader! What a mess.

    1. That’s rather unfair. George III had a physical malady – a blood disorder called porphyria – which causes, among other things, blue urine and bouts of insanity.
      Trump has no such excuse.

    1. @Nighthawk If that were true you would support the Impeachment inquiry and exposing the corruption of this administration.


    1. Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire – POLITICO
      Jan 11, 2017 – Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and … with U.S. government officials “to strengthen U.S.-Ukrainian relations.”.

    2. @Crystal Giddens did you actually read that article, because this was written in it “There’s little evidence of such a top-down effort by Ukraine.” I’m serious snowflake. That’s a direct quote from the article you proposed as evidence of something that didn’t happen. Are you always this stupid, or just trying hard today?

    3. guess you should elect better people then huh, until then, its Trumps call like it or not…this is all Hillary’s fault then…enjoy

    1. Thats how a dictatorship is born. Why u think he calls Putin so regularly? So he can get the play by play on how to systematically dismantle a democracy

    2. Megan & Steve Frost replied: “Maybe you would cause a civil war the left would most definitely lose !Actions have reactions just saying.”

      And then they deleted this.

  3. The Guinness Book of World’s Records should look at the amount of times “unprecedented” was used under a presidency.

    1. mr gbs I’m familiar with Mr Bongino and his Secret Service history (and controversy)

      but those concerns notwithstanding, is there a specific news article/interview/report/piece pertaining to the impeachment hearings I should look to?

      Thanks in advance

    2. Your Hitler if you think no one is allowed a different opinion then yours lol please explain the first amendment to me!

    3. @ShadowProject01 You will never get that answer because the thing you’re asking is nothing but a pathetic, lurking maga troll.

  4. this is what’s happens when you put in a lier and no experience loser in the WH now the sheep wants him for 4 more years….idiots

  5. So the career staff didn’t want to break the law, then Trump sets his own appointees on it. That’s a pretty flagrant abuse of power right there. Knowingly ordering his staff to do something illegal.

  6. Sad that 50% of the population don’t are nor understand what precedents and erosion of powers Trump is leaving in his path and what that means going forward.

    1. Approximately 50% (in actuality it’s more like 25%) of all *voters* not 50% of the entire population as a whole. ( 25% Dems 25% republicans % the rest are independent voters.)

    2. I find this abuse of executive orders to be troubling. The vast majority of the stuff Trump signs and hold’s up to the camera are just that. He acts as though he is signing things into law. Actual potential laws are gathering dust on McConnel desk as the WH tries to spin the story of the do nothing Democrats. The GOP majority has got to go!

    1. I think the resigned people would be glad to testify, as long as they know they’re not breaching any non-disclosure agreement. That shouldn’t be a problem: A judge has ruled that former White House counsel Don McGahn must comply with a House subpoena despite Trump telling White House staff to stay away and stay quiet. The judge said the House trumps Trump.

    2. What would be the point? Seriously who does not think there wasn’t constitutional subversion?
      Aside from the squad of Chumps idiots, What a crew huh?

    3. Give those people that resigned back there jobs.. when the king has been impeached and out of office. They seem to have a moral compass.

    1. @Bezz80 said, “No one is “fighting” Russians in the Ukraine, there are no Russian military inside the Ukraine.”

      *Does “Crimea” right a bell?*

    2. 1 Would be too many and the number is beyond understanding. Trump should be charged for holding money that was past by congress . Can you imagine if Obama had done this and it go out that people died on account of this act ! Yet this clown does it and his fellow Republicans continue to support trump…I don’t get it . Why their communities are demanding them to do what is right, tells me something that is wrong with our country !

    1. The IG handed it to the AG who saw it was problematic for Trump (his God) and refused to appoint a special council ergo the House had to do the preliminary…that is what took place behind closed doors. It would have been nice if AG Barr done his job instead of betraying the public.

    1. @Chook
      Wake up buddy, the wall has been going up almost since day one. Over 700 miles have already been completed, and you’re still asleep.

    1. Rudy replaced the 1st ” fixer” Cohen who got sent to jail….How many people have we now who subvert the law and boundaries for trump? That includes congress,etc…I would love to see a #…astounding……

    1. The only corruption is the DNC. Bill then Hillary then Joe Biden. Where are the missing billions of dollars dirty Joe?

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