Transgender Runner Nikki Hiltz: ‘I’m Determined To Keep Showing Up As Myself’ 1

Transgender Runner Nikki Hiltz: ‘I’m Determined To Keep Showing Up As Myself’


Track star Nikki Hiltz came out as nonbinary during the pandemic and founded the Pride 5K to raise money for LGBTQ youth. They talk to MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez about reaching the Olympic trials and increasing transgender visibility in sports.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Transgender Runner Nikki Hiltz: ‘I’m Determined To Keep Showing Up As Myself’


  1. Trans athletes should have their own category. Not fair for them to be competing against natural born women.

    1. I totally agree, this is just insane. Feel really bad for the weightlifter from NZ that got all of her records crushed by a “transwoman”

    2. @AndrewE So if someone is born a woman you think its fair for them to compete against someone who was born a man and then pumped full of hormones to become female? I’m not hating on anyone trans, I’m saying they should have their own category of competition. If you think that is unfair, then you’re bigoted against people who aren’t trans.

  2. To be fair there should be some level of testosterone testing. Some range so that competition can be fair. Our testosterone as men is what makes us on average 10x stronger and 5x faster than women. Some trans men are on par to compete with men without a doubt, but that’s through hormone therapy. If trans women have a male testosterone level, it isn’t fair for women. Utilitarianism works here. Should we serve the one runner or the entire field of athletes?

    1. Even after going through hormone therapy, those born male have greater bone and muscle density. Athletes should compete as the gender their chromosomes show.

    2. Deborah Freedman true, maybe it should be looked into deeper. At the end of the day, we have to be fair and accommodate to all females and not just transgenders ones. I do feel for her. I go in the gym and on average women are 130 lbs soak and wet with bricks in there pockets. They have spaghetti noodles for arms. They work out with the bar maybe 10 lbs on each side. Over all strength would be a deadlift. She will pick up 50-55 lbs. I can easily pick up 500 lbs no problem.

    1. Great idea. So you should only be on a team of “Tina Marcum”‘s. Otherwise that would be so unfair to all the Christina’s and Martina’s et al

    2. @Sυɳɳყ Sραɾƙʂ They know. They do not care. You’re speaking logic to bigots. Imma point that out. See how it goes

  3. But yet in the next video you’re telling people to believe the Science🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. @Sυɳɳყ Sραɾƙʂ It is upset because of the term “women’s” instead of I guess something else. Thanks.

    1. If you aren’t one there is a good chance you have no clue what they believe or support. I support ALL people, even conservatives who completely disagree with my beliefs. I support trans, non binary, etc. people, as I do all. I do not support them competing against people who live life as the gender they were born with. That doesn’t make me a hater. Stop generalizing about people you don’t know, like liberals. There are nuances to everything. Conservatives, true conservatives, need to accept that. You aren’t going to eradicate any of this stuff you abhor.

    2. @Ferengi profiteer Democrats don’t support Trump, he is the embodiment of cheating, as a matter of fact, Trump will visit NY prosecutors soon.

    3. @B Taylor Only in your wet dreams.
      You are aware that a conviction in New York doesn’t prevent him from running, winning, or being president. It’s a last gasp, desperate, attempt to cover Democrat corruption.
      That ain’t new and that ain’t news.

    1. They were taken steroids to enhance their performance, I don’t think it had anything to do with what’s taken place today.

  4. According to Wikipedia Nikki Hiltz was born female. Nikki now identifies as “non-binary”. So, IMO there is nothing wrong with this biological woman competing against other women. Nikki does not have an unfair advantage, Nikki is a biological woman.

    If however Nikki is taking male hormones then Nikki would have an unfair advantage, and should not be allowed to compete against other biological women.

    1. Then she isn’t trans anything.
      She a girl that has an argument with the language.
      That’s more “so what” worthy than “news” worthy.

  5. Wahoo! We should also celebrate Norm Hiccup. He is a motorcyclist who identifies as a bicyclist. He has been breaking records and barriers all week! He went from losing every race he entered to completely crushing the competition. That kind of bravery, hard work and perseverance should be celebrated by all!

  6. Biological males need to compete as males. But no one cares if real females compete as males. This isn’t a anti-trans issue, it’s an unfair advantage issue.

  7. Whose job is it to redefine what’s always been considered normal…. In society…. In nature….. Is it academia s responsibility and privilege to redefine normal….. sounds like a highly intelligent person….. Striving to be great like…. everyone else

  8. You know that feeling you used to get when all your kid friends were laughing and nothing was funny and their interpretations and takes were completely wrong and almost moronic at best but somehow it set them all flame with laughter but you’re just sitting there like “what a bunch of nerds”. thanks as an adult I never thought I would feel that again until I landed in this comment section , grats 98% of you played yourselves on your insults.

  9. I guess I understand why non gender conforming would be a liberating act. If someone is female and feels male, they don’t have to conform to true roles society would put on them. I’m black, I feel black, and society lets me know for sure I’m black. I really just want to be labeled as a human. We should work on this issue I have. Maybe trans people have opened a route for people who for centuries can’t see me that way

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