Transport Minister; Stop Hiking Taxi Fares | TVJ News – Mar 20 2022

Transport Minister; Stop Hiking Taxi Fares | TVJ News - Mar 20 2022 1


  1. In westmoreland to fram Darliston to.sav 220 a fear and some a dem a take 250 and 150 fram Kids when it should be 120 and even if your not going to Darliston streat dem still a take the full fear fram you

  2. Spanish town to greater portmore $150.When it was $120.first then it raise to 15% but the taxi men round it off to $150 and $100 for school kids that is robbery

    1. Thanks same thing I said God man a wah in politics suh him have enough money him pension big suh wah more them want

  3. Waltam taxi drivers are charging a wopping $200 from Boulevard to downtown
    $ 170 molynes Road to down to
    $ 150 if you were picked up at the four roads intersection at waltam park and molynes road !! Most of them print and have their version of the fair increase on display in their vehicles for you the passenger to see . These drivers are doing their own thing.

  4. Stop gas prises from going up and stop goods and services from going up if you don’t want fares to raise. I don’t know how government expects taxi operators and regular people to absorb inflation when the government itself and big businesses are passing on the effects. Furthermore Audley you need to go retire and leave politics for some younger more effective people; let this be your last term in office, not to mention Mike Henry, Samuda, Morais Guy, Denise Daley and the rest

    1. Bad roads, cost of living, education costs, parts and maintenance. Stabilize the dollar and maybe everyone can survive

  5. This man old until he can hardly speak and won’t let go. The government can’t see they need to give young and new people a chance this is sad

  6. These politicians need to give other people a chance to bring fresh ideas they will never bring nothing new to the table. If when them young they didn’t a when them old it worst

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