Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Resigns | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Resigns | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigns from Trump Cabinet saying that the Capitol riots "deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside." Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Resigns | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Nunya Business And yet you can’t refute any of it. Just weakly shriek a modified version of ‘Fake News’ into the ether. Gee… I wonder why that is?
      It’s almost like once you get past the parroted lines you have no substance to make an actual argument. Perhaps you should get better handlers, or at least ask them to prepare you with some sort of information beyond the bogus talking points.

    2. @Malisha Goggans People like her don’t even think about the afterlife – that’s why they’re low energy beings! Not much use for them on this planet anymore!

  1. Go figure that a criminal would jump ship after the monies she funneled ta other corporations will be discovered now

    1. @edmundo oliver do these people actually sleep nights ?
      I guess developed No conscience over time..

    2. @Jaime Garcia He can do that anyway if Twitter lets his acct. Open again. I am thinking crazy thoughts about GRANDPA TRUMP and CRAZY UNCLE RUDY Playing “catch” with the Nuclear Football in the Oval Office!

    3. @Katherine Raven no it’s just greed and power but McConnell lost his seat so they’re jumping ship.

    4. @Marty They don’t need 6. They need a majority of whoever’s left.
      But by leaving, obviously they could have been part of the majority. Cowards.

  2. 4 years and NOW she’s uncomfortable. Remember, she was at Trump’s side at the “fine people at both sides” press conference.

  3. Ah, the lady who literally couldn’t stop checking her watch during the funeral of John McCain. Now her time is up and instead of taking the opportunity to stand up for the democracy, she is slithering away.


    1. @Jesse T no she’s not even Chinese… She’s Taiwanese, according to her. China wants nothing to do with her.

    2. @Jesse T I can read, so I looked it up: Her parents fled the Communist take-over of China; went to Taiwan; then to Long Island NY. So you’re completely wrong. Laughably wrong. Idiotically wrong. Can you even remember the last time you were right? Poor thing.

    3. @Tom Z Your words are like saying South Korean are not Korean… She was indeed born in Taiwan but the political conflict between Taiwan and China Mainland doesn’t change the ethnic background of her, which is indeed a Chinese.

    1. You notice they’re all throwing TRUMP under the bus.? Listen to Lindsey Graham, NOW he’s done with TRUMP! Hmmm

    2. Does anyone out there think that all these people in this crooked administration would resign if trumputin won this election? It seems they’re jumping ship because they’re afraid of being indicted for accessory.

    1. As a transportation business owner, I agree. Because of her policies I’ve seen they freight rates plummet and many companies go out of business. I’m glad she’s gone, but who’s to tell who her replacement will be.

    2. @J. Abdellah If you’re a transportation business owner, you should already know: it’s Pete Buttigieg.

  4. My take is anyone that is leaving there job now ,is like moving when the house is already burning. It shows no courage. It shows how. Ugh of a coward they are.

  5. instead of fulfilling her duty to invoke the 25th amendmend, she tries to steal her way out. How brave, how patriotic

  6. She’s “deeply uncomfortable”? She’s married to Mitch McConnell. I would think she’d be very familiar with that state of mind.

  7. How brave.
    Chao: “I’m handing in my two weeks notice.”
    Public: “You were being laid off in two weeks anyway.”

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