Travel Expenses Are Soaring Nationwide 1

Travel Expenses Are Soaring Nationwide

People all over the U.S. are excited to finally be able to travel for July 4th, but all aspects of travel are becoming pricey. MSNBC's Gary Grumbach reports from a rest stop in Newark, Delaware.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Travel Expenses Are Soaring Nationwide


  1. The travel industry a year ago: “No one is traveling we need tax payers money to bail us out” travel industry today “people want to travel, we can gouge them, because you know supply and demand.”

    1. @Thyalwaysseek Then please explain how the travel industry asking for a tax handout is inflation.

    2. Well it definitly has nothing to do with the inflation o.O
      Or all the democrat restrictions these travel companies now have..

    3. @Devo so all the companies are democrats now. The same privately owned companies that had mask restrictions under Trump. You just need something to hate don’t you. FACTS: TWICE IMPEACHED 1 TERM PRESIDENT TRUMP IGNORED THE VIRUS CAUSING 600K AMERICAN DEATHS AND CAUSED BUISNESSES TO CLOSE

    4. @Winston Churchill Seems i need to add something, cause people cant think anymore.

      The government (democrat or mostly left) have added allot of new rules for travel. These come with extra cost for these companies. And these companies will just increase their prices to deal with the expected loss of profit.

      Now only a moron would not have come to this conclusion. Butttt…. some people just need everything spoon fed to them.

      And im leaving out the cost of gas…

  2. Make your home beautiful and live near the shore or whatever makes you happy. I work full time, but I am not desperate to get away.

    1. Same here. I keep my life simple. Garden, cook and fine enjoyment with the simple things. Oh no Facebook here and I’m just find and dandy.

    2. Hear! Hear! Bought a house on the beach with palm trees, because that was what I wanted. It’s a blessing to be here, and there’s no place like home. Lovin’ it!

  3. Fool’s are coming for that stimulus money y’all, Dam Oil companies are showing their TRUE color’s.

  4. Wearing a mask, didn’t get sick from anything. Thinking I’m gonna continue wearing a mask. It just needs a little style.

    1. Carry on wearing a mask, it suits you. Tell Pelosi too as well. In fact, tell Nancy to wear a Victorian diving helmet.

    1. @Kor Kalba so it’s up $1. who cares.
      $1/gallon increase = extra $30 a month.
      stop whining and just get a better job.

    1. Happy Traitors Day from all the English here. Looks like we’re going to have to come back and sort this whole sorry mess out that you’ve managed to get yourself into.

  5. how is it that interviews seem so down to earth and normal again after Trump is gone??? I mean even the one man put on a mask out of simple concerns.

    1. @Winston Churchill
      Oh Yes
      Let the proud and righteous, American patriot’s holiday revelry begin_ _ _ _ _ _ _

    2. @Winston Churchill You think every politician owns a corporation? Or is this a deflection, and you’re really ok with one particular politician doing this?

    3. @Admiral General Aladeen you can’t be this freaking stupid and voting. Every single politician owns stock in one company or another and they all take money from lobbyists or to fund their campaigns. I whittle literally have to list all of congress

  6. north and middle america cooking and burning.

    and what are they moaning about ?
    gas prices and high costs of holidays via air travel.

  7. The PNW has always had high gas prices. The average during Trump in my area was between 3.50-3.70.

    1. You bet. Stockholders are part of a Public Corporation under government control and receive the most outrageous government subsidies, so it’s more like 100 pounds of flesh…each!

  8. We didn’t notice.
    It’s still to soon to be socializing.
    Remember the Delta variant?

  9. The cost of everything is soaring and most people have no clue what is coming. The current economic crisis didn’t happen overnight, but the inevitable collapse may.

    1. lol we know what youre getting at. We all know whos going to get the blame. …and all the lemmings will tow the state media company line like the good children they are. Wake up America.

  10. This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder why we even celebrate the 4th of July.

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