1. I was delayed 48 hours trying to get back from Calgary 2 weeks ago, my luggage and all my work gear still hasn’t arrived.
    Thanks Air Canada

    1. Baggage responsibility is shared among several groups at the airport. Which include the airline and their contracted ground handling company, while infrastructure and maintenance of the system belongs with the GTAA.

    2. @Kenth Hamner who do you pay? Air Canada …. Who checks your bag ….. air Canada… so who would you hold responsible for lost luggage ….

    3. @Gypsy Mike traditionally the airlines had their own baggage system so yeah if they put it on the wrong plane it was on them. That has changed, this is all contracted out and all they provide is the tags and it goes to the company that does the baggage handling for all the airlines at the airport and they are the ones that load, remove and place the bags on the carousel. And westjet luggage gets bloody lost as well by these outfits.

    4. @Kenth Hamner doesn’t matter who are you paying to make sure your baggage arrives when you do? The airline correct? Not Keith and Aswan in janitorial….. hence air Canada is responsible no matter who they contract it out to

  2. Keep voting Liberal so we can worry about diversity, inclusion, and equity. Who cares if society collapses,that might be the biggest equalizer of all.

  3. oh! the humanity, a baggage handler sped off, unbeknownst to he/him/her/she + it fell off the back of the cart. and luckily Gulliver was there to snap a photo of the horrific epic encounter with wild baggage. now we just wait on Justin’ apology

  4. Govt. Induced intentionally. HORRIFIC! Too many airport employees fired & too many pilots UNABLE TO FLY ANYMORE due to myocarditis & other cardiac conditions grounding them!

  5. Air Canada 🇨🇦 has a lot to learn from successful airlines such as emirates, Turkish and Qatar airline. Air Canada is embarrassing itself

  6. …hire cheap labor…this is the end result. The mentioned ground worker(s) obviously don’t respect the job and should be dismissed immediately for knowingly abandon those baggages. What a total joke, and sad at the same time.

  7. Blaming it on third party services, 🥳 what a way to pass the blame. Zero accountability on the airlines, not worth the headache to travel by air.

    1. not worth the headache to travel…not after age 25 when you should have seen the world by then and realize its all the bloody same.

  8. Air Canada can’t blame the baggage on third party providers. They are one of the only airlines still employing their own!

  9. hahaha…. ya, COVID. The airlines can’t figure out how to get customers and their bags on the same flights after a hundred years of trying but their experts on what vaccines to order their employees to take😂😂😂😂

  10. Maybe only travel if it’s absolutely necessary for awhile. Corporate Greed will always lead to destruction, trying to make up for covid loses in a short time will never go smoothly.

  11. Sounds like airlines and airports need to do a hiring drive to get some interested and enthusiastic employees back in. I would definitely sign up and help given the current situation.

  12. Airport security and customs are federal govt responsibilities. This is another boy blunder fail.

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