Travellers explain chaos after new COVID-19 travel restrictions | Canadians trapped in South Africa


    1. When A Video Has A Couple Thousand Views And 8 Thumbs Up, You Can Get An Idea Of The Reality Of The Situation.

    2. You realize dislikes are considered a reaction to you tube and only boost ratings. Also I can still see the dislike button. You must dislike way to much lol 😆 🤣 😂

  1. Solution: Do not travel for next 5…6…7… years, until Dr. Science and those in power are around…. this is madness….

  2. Everyone needs to check their countries total deaths for 2020. As in Canada the increase in deaths is the same for 2020 as it was for 2015.

    I guess I missed the pandemic of 2015!

  3. “We followed all the Rules”…….that’s part of the problem, that’s why governments keep moving the goal posts and playing their games, because we permit them.

  4. They say the guy who brought omnicron to Alberta was traveling from Nigeria to Europe and then Canada. He was unvaccinated. How did an unvaccinated person travel to 3 different countries???? I can’t even ride a bus in edmonton without being fully vaxxed.
    Explain this.

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