Trench Town Jamaica Tense After Week of Shootings | TVJ News - August 7 2021 1

Trench Town Jamaica Tense After Week of Shootings | TVJ News – August 7 2021

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  1. My hats off to those people who live in West Kingston because no one is safe live there no citizens is safe

    1. More information is needed, they might have been patrolling the entire community to have been at that location at that time of the shooting. Not giving excuse on behalf of anyone, just that there are 2 sides to every story.

    1. @Enrique Walters Who said they didn’t? Violence has been racking the community for months, from 1st to 5th street. Note that there are 2 stretches of road for 3rd up to 9th st. in the community, separated by a gully. From recollection, they are stationed at 4th st, along with JDF (not sure if they are still there).
      While I would also query what they did, I won’t judge as I am not an officer. We need to also pay attention to the activity of the residents and their response to a warning.

    2. @shanni89fromMS if the police good enough to get info that reprisal is going to take place they mus knw more

  2. So police know shooting ago happen and when it happen then nuh deh deh or try stop it from happen ? That nuh sound right

  3. So if the police them got information about a shooting threat, why them never set up a team to catch the criminals in action. A people unu waa send inside like a dat unu a get pay fi do


  5. This is an embarrassment…even if the people didn’t listen and leave..why would a car be able to pull up shoot people and then be able to leave??. if the police was warning the people minutes before.. with information like that, shouldn’t have there been regular police presents…. I’m not no genius just saying

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