TREND LINE: Trudeau’s popularity has soared during COVID-19, but the WE controversy could sink him


  1. Trudeau popularity has raised ? With who ? What is the source of such a bold and inaccurate statement? An independent research conducted in the basement of your offices ? Pleeessseee

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Scheer has spent the majority of this pandemic railing against the Liberal party and their plans like CERB, Wage Subsidy and now he is just hammering on how he is corrupt while trying to get the CSSG out. A lot of Canadians don’t like the fact that Scheer seems to have this hate on for Trudeau and the programs meant to support Canadians seem to be the collateral damage. Trudeau however hasn’t really bit back in the same way that Scheer does. So it looks like although Trudeau is going through another controversy hes still dealing with it with grace, where as Scheer looks like hes foaming at the mouth like he has rabies.

    2. It’s plausible at this point that WE conducted an poll of their global youth groups after their real estate holding company’s banksters cleared the check from the Feds.

  2. The West had it right last election ,,,,,, Hopefully Eastern Canada realises they CANNOT JUSTIN-IFY the corruption in the Liberal Government next election Do not repeat the Prime Mistake

    1. So, 50,0000 children missing in canada, how did we fall asleep with this?????? Now, we go 7 generations back & foreword, never AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. federal government makes up the rules on immigration.. so we cant really choose to kick justin out when immigrants vote for him so their family can come here next year.

  3. Steal as much tax payers money as possible then say “SORRY” .. All criminals are sorry after being caught.. To think this clown made all gun owners criminals by a stroke of a pen.. We are a law abiding sector.. The real criminals are the Liberal government..

    1. i hope mackay goes strong on gun rights. or that decree will end up sticking forever with no political willpower to change the laws again.

  4. With the record amount of money his govt has been throwing around, it’s no surprise. The supporters overlook the fact that his govt has actually bungled the handling of the pandemic from the beginning.

    1. WHO AND TAM AND TRUDOW LET THE VIRUS IN ! PLANES FROM CHINA NEVER STOPED ! they wanted the bug here ! And maybe some body with a spray bottle full of infected urin could make it pop up! when ever! where ever! they need to use it !

    2. wait till they get taxed for collecting on cerb since i heard they will be getting taxed badly for it..

    1. @Tidbit He really is the worst leader ever. Move over Pierre. hahaha. Anyone that can support this POS must be on the take too.

    2. @Dino 999 Based on? Oh, right, you got nothing. Trudeau’s been a great leader so far and I’m glad to call him my PM. I hope you don’t cry. . .too much, when he gets re-elected!

  5. Where do you figure his popularity has soared through this? Everyone I know hates this silverspooned smug criminal

    1. How can someone’s popularity soar that basically allowed this virus into the country in the first place

  6. How can Canadians like the way he’s dealing with the pandemic. He’s been hiding at his cottage and shut down parliament.

  7. Imagine that. Handing out money on his doorstep was popular, but using taxpayers money to hire his family was not. What can we learn from this? How many more mulligans does the PM get?

  8. “Popularity has soared….”????? Wow the Liberal Propaganda Ministries are in FULL throttle lately – This latest scandal must actually be something this time. Two GUILTY verdicts by the Ethics Commission = nothing. Throwing Canada’s First Female Aboriginal Justice Minister Jodi Wilson-Raybould under the bus for not participating in Criminal activities, nothing. Yet all the sudden Canadian Liberal MSM gives coverage? Well coverage with “SOARING POPULARITY” accolades coming out of the ether. Baghdad Bob comes to mind.

  9. Ummm everyone I know thinks TrueDumb is completely brain dead since covid 19. Perhaps you guys need real Canadians to get your polls from?

  10. This government is probably pulling more scams under the wage subsidy program, wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

  11. You must be kidding? He’s guilty of his third ethics violation in 5 years! The Liberal cabinet need to be STOPPED

  12. Oh sure, this controversy will “sink” him about as much as the previous scandals did. Canadians don’t care about scandals as long as it’s a Liberal who does them and they have been in power for less than 10 years. Pandering and handouts clinch the rest of the votes.

  13. Trudeau did nothing but hide in a cottage and got everything wrong (masks/ppe give away/borders/virtue signaling). He soared like a seagull in a Walmart parking lot.

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