Trey Gowdy Interview 11/1/16: Blasts Hillary Clinton & Loretta Lynch!

Trey Gowdy Interview 11/1/16: Blasts Hillary Clinton & Loretta Lynch!

Trey Gowdy blasts Hillary Clinton and her claims about her emails, James Comey, and the FBI – November 1, 2016


  1. Re-opening the investigation of HRC at this time would guarantee that she
    could not receive a pardon, as this is an on-going investigation now and
    would carry over if she is elected. Based on the immense scope of e-mails
    that were discovered, the investigation could take a very long time. The
    question is– how much weight does the new evidence have?

  2. Huma had the emails in a folder called “Life Insurance” this indicates that
    she knew how dangerous the Clintons are and that if something happened to
    Huma she wanted this information to come out.

  3. This woman ..KILLARY,, IS absolutely NUTS .. she said a day ago she didnt
    know Abedin …. drinking pretty heavy huh WITCH??? GEt her put away …
    asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is sooo full of extreme darkness

    1. Mary Jo Matey her evilness is showing up way bigger than anyone could have
      seen! Keep a eye out for her trips on loletta express its mind blowing!

  4. The drive by media is not blowing this up. Only against Trump. This is not
    good what. What is happening in this country?

  5. How is there no case Hillary? People with no security clearance in
    possession of classified emails! That’s proof Hillary could not even handle
    doing her job as Secretary of State. Its Espionage by giving classified
    documents to people with no security clearance.

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