Trial begins for Linda O'Leary, charged in deadly boat crash 1

Trial begins for Linda O’Leary, charged in deadly boat crash

A trial has begun for Linda O'Leary who is charged in a boat crash that killed two people in 2019.

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    1. Kevin’s money will allow his wife to get away with murder. That’s how the Canadian “justice” $y$tem works.

    2. @glenn hankins how sad is that ?!? Canada is a developed country with a third world justice system

    1. Just like that piece of work that Killed a Grandpa and 3 beautiful children.
      His family was rich and could do whatever he wanted with No tough punishment.
      He’s on day parole now.
      Justice system is a joke.

    2. Depends if she did anything wrong, 11:30 at night so there will be a lot of questions to answer, like we’re the navigation lights working on the boat she hit.

  1. Her lawyers will tear apart all witnesses and expert testimony. Call the process “seriously flawed ” and handled inappropriately by law enforcement. Ultimately creating a bit of doubt and then acquit the accused. ** Must have deep pockets to pull it off , but that’s how it works.

    1. You laid it right out there in a short paragraph. That is the way the cookie crumbles though.

    1. @collars and cuffs how would it be hard to prove? Regardless of whether something is easy to prove or not, the accused still gets charged. Negligence causing death? I would say so.

    2. @Delno Abrahamson regardless you have to abide by specific rules when boating after dark. For example: 5 mph max speed and running lights are required during restricted visibility, before sunrise, and after dark.

    3. @Delno Abrahamson There’s always boats on the water. It wasn’t that late. She didn’t notify police until a while after it happened and had a drink that’s why she was charged. Why would anyone have a drink knowing police are coming? They wouldn’t, she must have had that drink before. Huge lawsuit against her l see

  2. My understanding is that O’Leary himself had been drinking. It’s very fortuitous that he wasn’t driving.

    1. @Randy Tricker of course… Apparently now that’s still a DUI

      *Drinking after an accident*

    2. @xXGRUBWINKLERXx to my understanding that is correct. That being said i am not sure if they said it was over the legal limit

    3. @bob carlsson Yes later that night when Police arrived she cleared it up for them who was driving.
      She is fortunate to have had Kevin for a witness.

  3. In Canada if you are wealthy you can get away with your criminal liabilty. Remember Marco Muzzo?

    1. Yeah, a maniac would have nailed at least 14 of the 16 and picked up the spare when coming back to check out what happened.

  4. Plot twist. Kevin O’Leary was driving the boat drunk. His wife Linda is taking the rap of drunk driving the boat for him.

  5. The only reason this made news is because of wealth. Same reason why justice will be biased and unserved.

  6. We all know her husband Mr Wonderful was actually driving the boat at the time. She is taking the blame so he doesn’t get in to trouble and get sued.

  7. just look at the charge they’re charging her with the shipping act. If I did that I’d be gone for life. It’s the most minimal charge under the circumstances the prosecutor could’ve thrown at her. She’s going to be free any day from this charge, even if found guilty.

  8. Of course SHE was driving the boat at the time,. ok sure, makes sense that an ego maniacally sociopath would leave the driving to his wife. that tracks..,

  9. No manslaughter, not even criminal negligence causing death, just careless operation of a vessel…

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