Trial of Cristhian Bahena Rivera in Mollie Tibbetts case (LIVE) | USA TODAY 1

Trial of Cristhian Bahena Rivera in Mollie Tibbetts case (LIVE) | USA TODAY

The trial of the man accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts continues. Cristhian Bahena Rivera, charged with murder, has pleaded not guilty.

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    1. @Vivian Ellingson Well they havent yet offered a plea agreement plus the motion to dismiss the charges made by his defense attorney’s was denied by the judge so what does that tell ya. it means they have enough evidence for a first degree murder conviction.

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    3. He got mad because she threaten him to call the cops if he didn’t leave her alone. Instead of driving off, he gets angry and kills her for no reason.

    4. @Love Always how did he lead them to her body? How was the big proven by several other ppl as well as cell data to be 150 miles away?

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