Trial of Kim Potter for the death of Daunte Wright continues | USA TODAY 1

Trial of Kim Potter for the death of Daunte Wright continues | USA TODAY


The manslaughter trial of former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter for the death of Daunte Wright continues.

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Potter, a veteran Brooklyn Center officer, is charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter in Wright's death. She shot Wright while yelling "Taser" during a traffic-stop-turned-arrest in a Minneapolis suburb. Prosecutors say Potter was "reckless" while defense attorneys say she made a "mistake."

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    1. That’s highly dubious. Given the vast differences between the taser and the gun, as explained by the expert, it would be almost impossible to confuse the two. It’s like confusing your children with someone else’s. But even if she did, there were no real grounds to shoot him with either taser or gun. It’s reckless manslaughter and she may get away with it, being a white policewoman, but I hope not.

    2. @James Dandy That’s easy for you to say since your lungs and heart weren’t blown away “Accidentally”.

    3. @Keith Anthony he really got caught up in a tense situation. He should not have resisted like he did. Wasn’t he a felon as well?

  1. this accident has a female police officer in jail, meanwhile , a somewhat similar case has alec baldwin walkin free, and assalting press with an umbrella ?????

  2. She should’ve have done anything because if the car was on the gas even if she hit him with the taser he could’ve tensed up while being shocked and hit the gas but she better be glad that the bullet didn’t pass thru daunte and hit the passenger. So she put the passenger in dager when she shot the gun.

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