Tropical Storm Elsa Aftermath in Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News - July 5 2021 1

Tropical Storm Elsa Aftermath in Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News – July 5 2021


We revisited some areas in the corporate area of Jamaica, where there was major flooding on Sunday, Codie-Ann Barrett has that report.

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    1. Anju nuh collect vaccine from them’ and vaccinate most of the people wid it….we would see the results in couple months time or year…

    1. The jamaican engineers or Government officials had to give the go ahead, so it’s the jamaican government fault at the end.

    2. Kmt the roads always get like this it’s like they make progress then back to square one again

  1. Everyone need to take responsibility. Stop blaming the flooding on the storm and hurricanes. We know the weather brings water. Commissioner in the areas need to do their Jobs and remove to dirty from the gully and sewers for easy flow. Take accountability for not doing the jobs you are appointed to do by the citizens.
    The people of Jamaica also needs to fo better for you community. Not because you live or come from the ghetto doesn’t mean you have continue to live that way. Do better.

  2. Kmt the roads always get like this it’s like they make progress then back to square one again

  3. The amount of money to clear your own ca and they should have damage insurance. I want a new car in that position case Nuh body Nuh thief like Kingston Warf

  4. Greetings from Black Dot, T- Dot, Toronto, Canada.

    Elsa is here to wash way and cleanse all the spilled bloods, which belong to women and their children of Africans and Indians origins.

    My God, King Selassie I, Queen Menen will reign for eternal righteousness.

    Yours truly,

    Marline Jenkins

    1. Greetings again sisters and brothers .
      One thing I know for a fact, is that the government could build all the bridges they want, it will not work out for them. The water will always be water over the bridge and not under the bridge.

      You want to know why ? The fact that women and children are living in all kinds of inhuman conditions on the island of Jamaica and some of the local and global governments chose to turn their backs of these women and their children and then turn around and attack them. Yes indeed , (chooses )

      There will be furthermore worse storms then Elsa. Watch !!!!!!!

      Until women are treated first in the world. Whether it be in,
      ” first world countries” or
      ” third world countries.” They will be much more enormous storms coming soon and they will not stay calm, as Elsa.

      We will be in the storms.
      (Marcus Garvey)


      Brothers and Sisters, please take note on how King Selassie I treated Queen Menen.

      Best blessings,
      Marline Jenkins,

  5. A lot a place that flood as been flooded for years.i use to pay cart to cross 2 an 3 miles also park to ward theater an that was in the 90’s My Jamaican people need to also take Responsibility some communities dump there garbage in the gully also throw garbage from there cars

  6. So instead of writing off the cars he’s going to detail them and allow dem fi sell..? SMH

  7. You know all those cars that is submerged under ago give nothing but problems. 🤫🤫🤔

  8. I hope they have good insurance, because if a me and my car submerge like that me no want it a backside it no good again. 😃😃🥺

  9. False hair block the drains, as the Jamaican dem wear it and then clog the drains cause dem deh hair no rot

  10. These cars will be detail (AKA wash dem off properly)and sell to ppl for a arm and a leg SMH

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