Tropical Storm Grace Batter Sections of Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - August 17 2021 1

Tropical Storm Grace Batter Sections of Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – August 17 2021


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  1. Lawd a mercy! Wat a ting wen an EMP or something else like that happens to the planet? Father have mercy on us! We humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, seek your face and we ask that you hear from heaven and heal our land.

    1. This is nothing to worry about, where I am right now the temperature reaches 48 °c for the last 72 hours, and it’s very windy. More than 120°F.

  2. We need to pray more to let God Almighty help us in jesus christ might name to save the Island of Jamaica from this storm

    1. @90s DancehallKid …he laughed because of all those people who died in the earthquake in Haiti and Jesus didn’t help them..

    2. Oh Please, the Natural world behaves to science, not purely European christianity, Its time we grew up and get knowledge.

    1. Jesus will never help you in a storm, that’s a fact. This has been proven over the years. No Jesus to stop the storm.

      The annual storms are a result of nature and created by nature. None of your Jesus, almighty God, precious lord can stop that or help us out of this situation of a weather.

      Be real come back to earth and stop being illusionary. Emancipate yourselves from the state of mental slavery of Christianity aka schizophrenia.

    2. @james roye 100% sweet Jesus is still hiding in the clouds and remember he always need more money ! Lol I can believe our peoples still believe in this religious foolishness, the sad thing is the church will never tell them the truth, you have to admit it’s a fantastic hustle, make that money preachers!

    3. @james roye god is just a imaginary friend, most children have imaginary friends but when they get older they outgrow them! Our peoples are so brainwashed and uneducated you can’t help but to feel sorry for them lol

  3. Praise god daily not jus in a storm as soon as d storm is ova back to our evil dirty wicked wats one day soon mercy door gonna b closed

    1. @Chadrick Thompson lol this is really funny . Look let me be honest and truthful with you I’m no longer a child in Sunday school, I took the time to study history and Christianity in university, the threat and fear bullying foolishness can’t work with me ! Did you know the letter J was first introduced in 1524 ? So we know 1000 years ago nobody on this planet was named Jesus Christ or John Jerusalem etc ! The only real Jesus was the slave ship ss Jesus! This is modern times everyone knows there’s invisible imaginary man hiding in the clouds that always need more money lol

    2. @Chadrick Thompson tell sweet Jesus to cure the Covid virus that would prove he’s not a fraud like JPS and the church!

    3. @Chadrick Thompson He’s looking attention. The creator of all living things will give him His attention soon. When they play with fire they will get burn. Let the atheists continue to mock and jeer.

  4. I have been unemployed for 2 years. Does TVJ want to hire me to design a system to keep their critical systems up 24/7?

    1. @Gameplay Drama Like I said, Jamaicans only respond to commends that uses disrespectful language. It is a cultural thing.

      Best regards!!

    2. Keep the faith….maybe you could do consulting, start your own business or teaching online….Wishing you all the best

    3. @Xierxu this age is for those who can unlearn and re learn. Different people here giving you good advice but you are being too educated to learn. It is hard yes, I know it, but life is not easy. I was told by an elder while working at a gas station that my degree is a begging paper, and i should spend more of my time at University building relationships. i listened. now listen, put you pride aside build your courage, Kill all the negative thoughts that was hammered in your head and go get 100 more no’s. you are Jamaican, who on this earth is more persistent than us?

    4. @Ruby Limey Been trying since day one. The players have a monoploy and contracts with major industories. The civil side as their own people who they hire. I need a thining of prominent business people or Jamaica need to advance.

  5. How can we continue to expect the mountains to protect us when we keep digging it out to make road that lead to landslide

    1. @esther God angel which mountain in JAMAICA WAS DESTROY TO MAKE ROAD ME AN EVERYONE WANNA KNOW ? Land slide is a natural occurrence that take place every where road or not. Also I hope you an everyone that agree don’t drive on road y’all walk in the bushes hahaha

  6. In the dark of the midnight as I walk in my faith while the storm howl above me and there’s no hiding place, Precious Lord hear our cry., keep us safe till the storm passes by.

  7. These fishermen are crazy …..there was advance warning for days now showing the coming progress of storm

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