Tropical Storm Grace | Flooding in Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News - August 17 2021 1

Tropical Storm Grace | Flooding in Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News – August 17 2021

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  1. When will the media start asking the politicians tough questions? Why are roads being built without drainage? Why is it that little rainfall and roads are destroyed?

  2. Those new high rise in Kingston have been always suspect, various architects and environmentalists are raising their concerns.

  3. I thought yesterday was the best when I was playing in the rain, with all of my neighbours, but look at this mess that the rain causes

  4. God see and know Jamaica couldn’t manage a hurricane ..Andrew should a mek drainage fi dem sumi ya; worthless pm

  5. It’s a blessing anyone didn’t lose their live that I kno of…Well it’s sound like I have all together but I don’t..God always give an warns heads up The storm been out in the sea 4 wks ..But carnal men keep speakin life unto it…I respect information…So people stop been sleep n the spirit And commend the storm 2 cease b4 its land fall but we allow the Devil on ride on storms an fear ..If Jesus can commend the storm of wind obey him ..Why not we as believers can do the same He said greater work you can i do ….But so much pollution of religous on the earth theses days ..The new reporter sound Martha he sinkth by now he been dead 3 days ….He telling all the what happen trees down an floods take place …But it could’ve been worst .But it could’ve been prevented 2….Read the Book y’all

  6. So Jamaica politics gangsters still get to build roads,i see no up in arms colplaint/protest etc ,as no one seem to be tired of them and what pass for politicians in these days jamaica,no drains built on high ways,usually meaning no Engineers were present..what shambles we have come to…

  7. Thank you for your weather covarage.
    I pray that we all be safe in Jesus name.
    Only God can help us

  8. BEFORE YOU DIE SEEK THE LORD To all covid and none covid persons, who don’t know Jesus Christ of Nazareth as their Saviour, please accept Christ before it’s too late,

  9. A lot more trouble is coming to Jamaica land we love along with Jamaican shortly just because of the sinful nature for heads of government to lowest level. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand

  10. Never drive a car through water ppl. Also, I need to find out if car insurance companies cover a flooded vehicle.

  11. That complex is below standard as no new building should be collapsing like that. The residents paid/pay a ton of money to live in a shoddy building.

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