Trudeau addresses Pfizer delay, Keystone XL in COVID-19 update 1

Trudeau addresses Pfizer delay, Keystone XL in COVID-19 update


During his update on Canada's response to COVID-19, PM Justin Trudeau says the federal government anticipated some vaccine manufacturers would face challenges. He also says the feds will continue to make its case in support of Keystone XL to U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.

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    1. Ya but after beating Harper and Scheer the Conservatives still think he isn’t ready. OToole will go down like the other two.

    1. Actually pharma is the msm’s biggest funders and out lobby basically any other industry , so put 2 and 2 together

  1. Always answering in general.
    How do you clean washroom JT?
    We visit this room everyday to examine and smell what is being emanated. As you know, nobody wants dirty washrooms so we will continue to work hard to monitor the situation and visit the site everyday to assess the situation.

  2. Why Canada is late? But we are paying on the time for all our bills. If Canada is late to do his promise then we can pay late too

  3. Got to love his response of “We’ll have enough vaccinations available for those who want to take it by the end of September”. Since you can’t calculate that exact number, why don’t you just say the amount of doses you’ll receive by then? We know why he won’t, because it’s not going to happen, not even going to come close.

  4. Its funny how this starts by addressing all his success and just down playing the fact we don’t have enough vaccines. A better person would just accept responsibility even if it’s not his direct fault. This is what it means to be a leader. Don’t like it get out.

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