1. Children are not limited to AB.
    Trudeau should be looking at affordable child care for every Province based on each and every Province.
    It should be implemented, Now , for every childcare across Canada.

    1. That’s what Commies and dictators do. Are you a commie or support authoritarians? We fought wars over that, remember? Ya wanna burn books as well is my bet.

  2. Did Trudeau think Child Care was thought of as just a social program? Not one parent thinks that!
    Time will tell whether this bears fruit across Canada.

    1. why is it up to tax payers to subsidize your childcare…if your so wonderful than pay your own childcare, Or shut up and say thank you..but be real, this is a privilege not a right, I dont have children but my taxes are still going to subsidize your kids..so just say thanks

  3. Parents give up their rights to educate their own children, in exchange for an unreasonable low price. With their income controlled by the government, no sane childcare giver would listen to parents.

  4. i bet ya money gonna come outa tax payers pockets just like there takin more off peoples checks startin next year.. -.- how os this gonna help.. lol

    1. Didn’t see Harper or Mulroney help with childcare. You had 3 chances to elect someone other than Trudeau and failed every time. LOL.

  5. Congratulations Premier Kenney on retrieving over 3 billion back to Alberta to support childcare. I expect those within your own party or those wanting to destroy the UCP including other conservative parties and the NDP will never acknowledge this success.

  6. Where is his concern about the parents who dependeded on their jobs in the energy sector?He’s offering crumbs from his government table,and that’s not enough to feed anyone!

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