Trudeau brings up Ford cuts when campaigning on health care 1

Trudeau brings up Ford cuts when campaigning on health care


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau brought up Ont. Premier Doug Ford and criticized Conservative cuts when making a health care announcement.

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    1. Ontario pays something like 33 million dollars a day average for interest. Politicians run deficits and get credit from bankers. They pay the bankers real money and interest. The days of deficit spending have to stop. If Alberta separates then justin wont be getting 20 billion a year welfare from Alberta and the creditors will begin seizing whatever they can and making the budget and totally control Parliament. Vote for justin at your own risk!

    2. Fluffy Muffin America’s gonna have a nice pay day if that happens. They would have to become a state unless they take British Columbia with them.

  1. What did Trudeau do with his 4 years as PM????? Oh that’s right he blamed Harper … everyone else to blame but with him it’s all about reflection and doing better…

    1. His job is to do nothing and run huge deficits for his bank handlers to give credit and take real money and interest. justin is super evil. He is so high on pot he said GUN POLLUTE GUN MAKERS. He has literally lost his mind!

  2. What a hypocrite! He is just so full of it!! Vote this clown out before its to late!! Most divisive prime minister Canada has ever had just like his dad

  3. We will spend 40 Billion more then our opposition and call living within your means Austerity. The choice could not be clearer.

  4. Cut your way to prosperity or spend til our country collapses …. most oblivious piece of trash to walk the earth….. and now a full blown racist / hypocrite…Moving forward eh?

    1. That’s about right. Have friends who think that Donald Trump is running are country and refuse to vote for conservatives.

  5. He’s deluded. His voice is cringe as all hell. How do Canadians stand him? He’s got the look of evil in his eyes. If he gets re-elected I say we build the northern wall before the southern wall. Gaggg.

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